Monday, September 2, 2013

A Week in the Life {8/26-9/1}

What an awesome/emotional/jam packed week!

Adam's back to school and is really enjoying his new position. It's a lot different than before when he had his own classroom but he's getting into the groove and it's going to be awesome. After three years in Boy Scouts he had his very last activity on Tuesday and said goodbye. Wednesday he started with his new calling and went out with some of the Elders Quorum presidency to do visits to others in the ward. He's really enjoying his new calling and it's one that will allow him to stretch.

Hannah did awesome on her first week of school! She got all smiley faces which means she had a practically perfect week. She's really enjoying her class and talks about it all the time. It was hard for me to send her off and I cried pretty much all day on her first day but I know it's good for her and it's what she needs.

Paige had a fantastic week since my mom was in town. She LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES my mom. She cries for her whenever she isn't in the room or being held by her and when she sees her she RUNS to her and clings on. I've never seen a person so attached to another person. At church she had a melt down when they took separate cars. She loves her Grandma and calls her Dama.

Speaking of family coming to town we had a BLAST! The whole (and I mean whole) family came and stayed with us Thursday-Monday. It kind of made me wish we could all just buy a giant house and live there together. My mom made delicious food all week and we ate like kings. Thursday we just kind of hung out when they got there and the girls were super excited to see them.

On Friday we took the family to the museum and then we had family pictures with Chelsea. We took our pictures up at Calico Basin and it was so beautiful. Megan wasn't feeling very great afterwords though. She had some dizziness but seemed to feel better the rest of the trip. We played The Game of Things together and that was pretty fun.

Saturday we took everyone to Wet N Wild but unfortunately it closed after only two hours due to weather. Luckily, they refunded the tickets but we had an excellent time otherwise. We got to go on a bunch of rides we hadn't before. It was awesome. My parents and Megan and Caleb went to meet Caleb's grandpa in North Las Vegas and Sean and Lindsey came with us to In N Out and Golden Spoon for dessert then we lounged around and watched TV. We also decorated for Paigey's birthday!

Sunday the girls took care of some decorations for the wedding. Adam had a meeting and then we went to church. It was fun introducing my family around at church. We had a wonderful meal provided by my mom and then watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding to get in the wedding spirit.

The one downside to everyone staying at my house was no sleep for the girls. They were too excited (and enjoyed sleeping in Mommy and Daddy's room). It was alright though. I wouldn't have traded this last weekend for all the sleep in the world.

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Georgia said...

What a fabulous time you had with your family! It was fun to read your perspective of the fun time after talking to your Mom and hearing it from her side. It sounds like a fantastic group of people have a terrific time no matter who is telling about it!

I wish I was a member of your family (for real!) It just sounds like so, so, so much fun!

Love all you Marsdens and Turneys!