Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Week in the Life {8/19-8/26}

Adam started back to school this week. He was pretty anxious to return to his school and he's enjoyed getting back into somewhat of a routine. Since Adam has major skills in technology he has been extremely busy, not only with setting up stuff for his classroom and the school, he's had to help dozens of other teachers set up their classrooms as well. School starts on Monday so he had to go in for several hours on Saturday and Sunday to make sure the school was ready to go. He comes home pretty exhausted but I think he is happy and anxious to start a new school year with students. Like I've mentioned before, this year he will be the Humanities (technology) Specialist at his school rather than a typical classroom teacher. He'll end up teaching half the population (some kindergarten classes plus 3-5 grades).

I attended two book clubs this week. Both were really fun. Book club nights are among the best nights of the month for me. I bought some hair accessories for my niece to be and we discussed the books The Book Thief and The Selection. I also started watching a new show: The New Girl. It's a lot of fun but I feel like I'm turning to mush. I've been feeling over stimulated and I have a difficult time sleeping. I think it's time to cut out TV and Internet (aka Facebook) for a little while. I've been back to writing, working on a semi new project I've titled Women of God: Understanding our Stewardship. Did you know that over 70 percent of people who leave the church cite women's issues as a major factor? I am writing a book for my daughters to help them understand our role as women and our equality with men.

Hannah is starting preschool next week. When we went to the open house at the elementary school where she will have her Pre-K class I started getting really anxious and emotional. I made it through the orientation but when we were walking back to the car I burst into tears and couldn't stop crying. I just feel like she's growing up so fast. I'm grateful that I've been able to stay home with her all this time and enjoy her without having to send her to daycare. It's been one of my greatest blessings. Hannah on the other hand couldn't be more excited. She has been counting down the days. Yesterday we picked up a backpack for her, and some school supplies. This week, the girls have really been into Dr. Seuss' Horton books.

Paige has been sick. Major sick. She's had respiratory issues and a really strange fever. She's a good girl and remains in good spirits, though she loves to cuddle with me when she gets like this. She sounds like a smoker when she talks. I worry about Paige when Hannah goes to preschool. She is going to get extremely jealous and miss her sister.

Looking forward to my family coming this week. Everyone is coming...Mom and Dad, Sean and Lindsey and Megan and Caleb. It's so weird thinking that by December both of my siblings will be married. We really lucked out with three fabulous in laws.

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