Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Week in the Life {8/12-8/18}

We had a fantastic week at home trying to acclimate to life after vacation.

After shopping, laundry, and cleaning we all went to Pump it Up with the ward on Monday. I think we were insane because Adam and I were still bushed after our trip but we made it through alive and Hannah and Paige had a lot of fun.

I think I forgot to mention we refinanced our house and now we are saving about $150 a month! We refinanced for a full percentage point cheaper and we got rid of our PMI because our home is valued at so much more than we owe which is nice. Our mortgage is so cheap, I can't even believe it. We may never move.

We spent the better part of the week at home just lounging. I ended up reading two and a half books (I'll probably finish the "half" today). The girls spent a lot of time playing dollhouse.

We got home and Paige became an instant pro at getting out of her crib and busting through our "child proof" doorknobs. It makes me sad, mainly because she is growing up so fast. She'll be two in two weeks on the 2nd of September. Crazy pants! For her birthday I (with the help of Stacey) tracked down an exact replica of her special blankie that she got from Costco two years ago. It is now worn and tattered so I'm hoping she'll accept a new blanket.

Hannah and I spent some time alone together. We went shopping and to story time at the library. We also went past her new school. She'll be starting preschool at an elementary school close by. The class consists of "typical peers" and "special needs" students. Not only will Hannah be learning the statewide curriculum for pre-K, she'll also be modeling behavior and be exposed to kids who need a little extra help. I'm hoping it fosters compassion and understanding. Another great part is that it is free for us, (vs paying $70-$110 a month). She'll also begin a music class in the fall, and she and Paige will also do soccer. I feel like a "real mom."

Aubree (Jones) Bosen and her new husband Matt got stranded on the I-15 north after a tour bus had a collision with a truck. Both lanes of traffic were closed and it took them 4 hours to travel 20 miles. Fortunately, she posted about it on Facebook so I suggested that they stay overnight with us in Vegas (they left Newport at 1PM and didn't get to us until 8PM). It was so much fun to see them and to meet Matt and catch up with Aubree. I've known Aubs since she was Hannah's age so it was pretty crazy to see her all grown up and beautiful and married. It wasn't the first time time we were able to help someone either. I picked up some friends from high school at the airport this week, after they dropped their cars off in my neighborhood to avoid high parking prices at the airport. It's fun to live in Las Vegas and see so many people on their way to and from California/Utah.

Adam got a new calling as the E.Q. Secretary. He'll be getting rid of his scout calling and his E.Q. teaching assignment which is bittersweet but I know he is going to to a fabulous job.

The biggest news this week is that my baby sister Meggie is engaged to Caleb Christensen! They are such a wonderful couple and I can't wait to get to know Caleb more. He's so awesome with the girls and they adore him. When I told Hannah Meggie was engaged she asked, "To who?" I told her it was Caleb of course and she said, "Already?" Already!? We've been waiting for this for months! They will be married December 27th in the Bountiful temple. I'm so proud of my sister and I'm already having dreams about her wedding. Last night I dreamed about being in the temple with her and I got so anxious/excited that I woke up at 2:30AM and I couldn't go back to sleep. I'll be needing to take a major nap today. Congrats to my beautiful sister and her wonderful fiance. It's the start of a beautiful life.

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Georgia said...

I love reading your blog, Melissa. I often read, though I seldom comment. I know I should be better. Especially, I should do better at letting you know how impressed I am with your many talents which includes major parenting skills. You are a tremendous mother!

I'm pretty excited about Megan's and Caleb's engagement. It will be so fun to see the entire Marsden family in the temple together in December. I look forward to that great event!!

Love you! Keep on blogging!!