Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Week in the Life {9/9-9/15}

Adam is of course working hard as always. He's such a fantastic husband and provider. I went to his school this week and every person I ran into kept going on and on about what an asset he is to the school. Adam spends a good bulk of his time helping others with their technology woes. This week his principal couldn't get the sound to work on a video he was trying to watch. He called Adam back to the school and Adam figured out that his speakers were on mute. Adam applied for another position teaching online in the school district, so we'll see how that works out. Adam's been extremely busy in his church calling as well. He's enjoying being in the E.Q. presidency and loves the men he works with. 

I've been back to editing my book. I'm hoping to add another 5k-7k words onto it before publishing. Hopefully I can publish the book and begin an illustrious career as a novelist. If not, I'll continue my illustrious career as an aspiring novelist lol. 

I had the privilege of watching Hannah interact as a student on Family Involvement Day at school. She seemed so grown up, listening attentively and obeying all the rules. I was so proud of her. She has awesome behavior at preschool and always comes home with smiley faces. She knows if she gets perfect behavior marks she gets to have "Friday Fun Day" at home. This last Friday we took her friend Emily to Pump it Up. 

Hannah started Let's Play Music this week. It's a three year music theory course with an emphasis on the piano. The class teaches music through body movement and play. I get to attend with Hannah every other week. It was so much fun to go with her this week, and even Paige wanted in on the fun. She slipped past her babysitter unnoticed, and then came downstairs to play "Me Re Do" with us. What a sweetie. I'm so impressed with the class and I can't wait to watch Hannah become musically literate. 

Paige is such a sweetheart and loved spending extra time with me while Hannah was at school this week. She had fun at family involvement day and especially loved licking up the food colored corn syrup we used to create a painting. She can do all the crazy attractions at Pump it Up, even though they are much too big for her.

I figured out the girls' Halloween costumes. I got Paige's on sale for $14.00 (plus one accessory) from $50 at the Disney Store! Bargain! I started piecing Hannah's together and I think I'll be able to do it for under $15.  

Our two week stint as pet owners came to an end when Duck-duck (so named by Hannah) escaped our backyard when her restraints blew over. I was much sadder than I thought I would be. I rescued her from the street, cared for her, protected her from the children, and somehow when you are responsible for another creatures well being you grow attached to it. I was pretty gloomy after she left, but Adam had no patience for my emotions so I tried to internalize it, which ended up meaning over-posting on social media sites. I'm still pretty sad, mostly because Hannah keeps telling me that Heavenly Father is going to answer her prayers and send Duck-duck back home. I hope that's true but I fear that in this instance her faith is much stronger than mine. I'm also worried about the little lady in a residential many dangers including dogs, cars, and pesticides. I just pray that we will all feel alright and I can stop worrying about Hannah's feelings and the tortoises safety. 

Until next week! 

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