Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Week in the Life {9/30-10/6}

I've missed a week! There was a lot to report, but I'm not anxious to catch up on any of it, except Hannah did excellent in school last week and earned a "Fun Friday" So we went to Chuck E. Cheese. I've also been on the lookout for a pretty dress for Meggie's wedding.

I've been super lazy in my writing lately but I've been given reason to recommit myself. My teacher, mentor, and friend (Doctor) Elysha O'Brien read my manuscript and said that it's the best unpublished manuscript she's read by an unpublished author (and she's read three just this year). Elysha was my children's lit professor at UNLV and she and I have remained in contact the past five years. She's become sort of my writing partner as we both go through this process. She is an avid reader, talented storyteller, and a wonderful writer. Her opinion (as well as the others who have been kind and generous enough) to read my manuscript has motivated me to continue on this pursuit. I've received a very kind rejection from another agent who said:

"For what it’s worth, the book started out great but then lost steam.  The voice is authentic and the main character is just terrific. We continued to love your voice, but then it seemed that you lost the grip on the overall story and it just starts to feel long an somewhat uninteresting.  Sorry if this sounds harsh, but I am hoping if you don’t connect with an agent that these comments might be of value down the road.

To be sure you can write, so I am truly sorry not to be writing with better news, but this business is so subjective, and another agent might very well feel differently.  You deserve an agent with whom your work really resonates, and I'm just sorry that wasn't us.  I sincerely wish you luck on this journey and thank you all the same for reaching out to LRA."

More was said, but this section was so encouraging, and I'm working to become a better storyteller, so I can beef up the plot and find my grip on the story. Elysha has given me some great feedback on this point, and I'm anxious to get to work and find an agent, (or self publish). I have a few more scenes to write, and a few to rewrite. 

Hannah and Paige have both been so good. I'm grateful for my good girls, and that they love each other so much. Occasionally, they will argue, but Paige can hold her own against her big sister so I'm not so worried about her. 

Adam has been enjoying softball but he's hurt himself so he needs to take a week off. That's what happens when thirty year old men try to play sports like 14 year old boys. 

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