Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Week in the Life {1/21-1/27}

My darling little Paige has spent a lot of time in time out this week. The way I do time out, is they have a specific corner and they have to sit there for their age+ 1 minute so Paige sits in time out in two minute increments right now. It has mainly been for biting and hitting. She is getting a little aggressive streak, which is very unlike her.  For about six months, Paige has this habit of going number two in a fresh diaper right out of the shower. It's pretty annoying. I basically waste 15 cents every day. I started putting her in the shower at different times, but it makes no difference. It makes no difference either if she has already done number two, she still goes right after a shower/bath. The past few days, I've sat her on the toilet to see if she'll go before I put a diaper on. She thinks it's funny, but won't matter how long I sit her there, she always waits until the diaper is secure around her little waist, then she'll go. So today (Sunday) I finally just made her sit there until she would go. It took about 15 minutes. I took a phone call for two seconds and she got off the potty, squatted right next to it, did her thing, then sat on the toilet again. Oh brother. At least I didn't waste the diaper....and everyone gets to read about it now so lucky you.

Hannah has been a wonderful helper this week. With all the sickness going on in the ward/our family I decided to keep her home for a week. We did end up going to Pump it Up for Tayden's birthday party and we had to go to the library, but other than that Hannah has been home. It has been kind of a crazy week and I'm sure she'll be glad to be back in a good routine but I'm sure grateful that she is such a good sister, and an awesome helper. She is always wanting to help make her bed, clean her room, and help me with dinner or to make Paige happy. I'm grateful for this stage. I've really loved three.

I have to cool down on reading. As of yesterday I'd read over 2000 pages this month and by the end of the month it will be more than 3000 as I finish Anna Karenina. I kind of feel burnt out to be honest. I've started reading the Book of Mormon again on my own and it's been an eye opening experience. I'm finding that with Nephi and his brothers the only difference was humility vs. pride rather than obedience or belief. I'm going to work harder to be more humble and to listen more to the spirit. I was called to be the assistant camp director for our young women and I'm really excited for the opportunity.

Adam had an extremely stressful week. He had report cards coming up and had a lot of grading issues. This year has been really frustrating with grades because they implemented an new grading system, so they weren't even able to put grades in until late October. November was all about testing and grading then in December, the district switched them back to the old grading system and they couldn't put any new grades in until this week. He's felt like a bad teacher, although it isn't his fault. He even got a fever blister from the stress. He's been such a good dad though, and a good helper. He even worked Saturday (as he does many Saturdays) at the SAT testing. I watched THIS video and it made me cry cause it reminded me of my good husband.

As a family, we spent Friday night with some friends, the Packard's. It was kind of spontaneous but it was awesome, as we really haven't been able to see or do anything with them since early December. We also went shopping together as a family which is always interesting (especially when I'm cranky).  All in all it was a great week.

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