Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Week in the Life {1/14-1/20}

Paige is the best. Have I mentioned that already? She has the sweetest heart. This afternoon I spent cuddling with her and examining her chubby legs, soft skin, perfect fingers and toes. She loves to have one on one time with the ones she loves. She always humors us as we try to make us laugh and she has the sweetest expression of love and joy in her face. She loves to dance and does so at the first sound of music. Her favorite things are soft. She loves to put two fingers in her mouth and suck while caressing a soft stuffed animal or blankie.

Hannah had a great week, going to preschool, a friends house for playtime, and going to the library. This week we started a program called 1000 Books before Kindergarten. She loves Lalaloopsy dolls and we found some Lalaloopsy books at the library. We've read each of them at least 20 times and she never gets tired of them. We are also doing the program with Paige but we aren't as anxious to read them because she has two extra years until Kindergarten than Hannah. Hannah threw up on Friday and it made me snap into action. Next week, we will all be quarantined at home so that this sickness can leave our home.

I have been reading a lot this week. I read Edenbrooke, Little Bee, and The Light Between Oceans which was incredible. A must read. I loved it. I've also loved my little boot camp with my friends. We are having fun together working out. I've decided this week that I am going to sign up for the St. George marathon and start training. It is going to be intense, but I want to accomplish that before I have another baby. The marathon is October 5th so it'll be a good birthday gift to myself.

Adam had a fun week teaching. He's always so busy but loves his school. This week was Pajama day and so he wore his PJs to work. Hannah decided it would be Pajama day for all of us so we each wore our PJs all day long.

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