Friday, January 18, 2013

Essential Oils?

I've always looked at essential oils with skepticism but curiosity. I'd love to win this contest and try them out.

Check it out:

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Georgia said...


I LOVE my essential oils. I have amassed quite a collection since October. I use them topically, in my diffuser, and even in a couple of recipes. These are the doterra pure, food grade oils and I highly recommend getting their book that tells how to use them. I believe the reason I'm doing so well physically now is because of these oils. When I was having SO MUCH pain, I would mix peppermint and lavender with coconut oil and massage it on my back and abdomen and it gave such great and instant relief. The Deep Blue rub is also another favorite.

I am calmed and renewed by the fresh scents of lemon grass, grapefruit, clove, and wintergreen. I just can't say enough good about these oils.

I hope you win the contest and get to see for yourself what a wonder these things are. I too, was a skeptic, but now (as corny as it sounds) I'm a believer!