Monday, October 29, 2012

A Week in the Life {10/22-10/28}


Planned to carve pumpkins but Adam got home kind of late and then with dinner and everything it just didn't happen. Me: Sorry we didn't carve pumpkins tonight Sweetheart.
Hannah: Yeah, I'm so disappointed in Daddy. Poor Adam :)


I taught Preschool
We took back the Canning Machine to the middle of nowhere
We ate McDonalds, a treat for my girls who usually have to suffer through my lunches
We had a visit from old friends that we hadn't seen in years. Hannah was stroking LaVon's face and he asked "Does your daddy have hair like that on his face?" Hannah said "No, but Mommy does on her legs!" Thanks Han. 
It was another late day for Adam but we carved pumpkins anyway while listening to Halloween music. 


The girls woke up sick so we stuck around at home (after a quick run to the grocery store) 
Another long day for Adam, this time it was because he got to go across town to hear our President speak! He can check that off his bucket list now, I was so happy for him!
Because I was alone all day I finished three books, HA! It wasn't that big of a deal though. It equaled about 300 pages total. 


Taught Preschool again
Trip to the library in Halloween costumes with our preschool friends
Fall Festival at Adam's school. Hannah played a lot of fun games and won a lot of candy! Paige had fun just watching. 
We got our family pictures back which turned out GREAT! Our photographer is seriously the best, and I love that she has taken pictures for us for three years now. 


Nevada day! After missing out on Adam ALL WEEK we finally got to have him home all day!
Unfortunately, Hannah spent the morning throwing up. It devastates me when my kids are sick, especially when it is a stomach thing, although it didn't last long which was a blessing. We did laundry, vacuumed, cleaned the car, worked on the yard, and did a lot of sitting around in our PJs too.


Adam was working the ACT tests so the girls and I hung around at home. I've been reading Fire of the Covenant by Gerald Lund and it was the perfect way to spend a Saturday morning.
Adam came home and the girls went down for naps so we watched some Big Bang Theory together...We are almost finished with Season 5. 
Our old Painted Mountain ward invited us to their Trunk or Treat and it was WONDERFUL to be back with them. Our new ward has taken some adjusting for sure...


Today felt a tad bit more normal in the ward. It's still not the same but it wasn't super uncomfortable either. Adam is now back in Cub Scouts and is once again a teacher in the Elders Quorum so he's back to normal minus being in the Sunday School presidency. 
The time for church is...not idea. It begins one hour before nap time. Today Hannah needed that nap desperately and actually started fussing in Sacrament meeting. By fussing I mean crying at the top of her lungs. I took her out and she wanted to go back. I told her that if she stopped crying she could go back. She clung to me crying "I SSSSTOPPPPPED CRYYYYYYYING!" Over and over. When she did stop, we finally went back inside. 
Paige is in that horribly awkward between one year and nursery age which means a lot of crying, squirming, and general mischief making. I wander the halls with her pretty much the whole time. It doesn't help that her body is in desperate need for a two hour nap...
We got home and I made dinner. The girls promptly went to bed right after (which was about 5:15ish) and Adam and I collapsed on the couch. Sunday is by far my LEAST restful day ironically. 
Actually, after the girls went down we did have quite a nice night. We watched both Downton Abbey and The Walking Dead, then I read about 300 pages in my book which is extremely engrossing. It is about the Willie and Martin Handcart companies. I am so proud to be a member of a Church saturated with such an amazing history and ancestors. I am proud of my Pioneer ancestors, both those who came to Utah in the mid 1800's and those who came just 50 years ago. 

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Lesley said...

I have read that book twice... it really makes me count my blessings and feel so much gratitude.