Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Week in the Life {9/30-10/7}

 I took away the crayons...

Monday: Cleaned, Saw baby Tyler Gage (totally cried when I held him), went out to dinner

Tuesday: Hannah had preschool

Wednesday: Park Group, Library, Watched the Debates

Thursday: Hannah had Preschool, went shopping, Super Saturday Meeting

Friday: Went shopping again, "Frozen Yo" as Hannah calls it

Saturday: Conference, Sheena's awesome baby shower

Sunday: Conference

So this week was pretty busy. Hannah's been waking up between 4:00 and 4:30 am which has been not a joy. I've been pretty exhausted and so has Adam. We got released from our callings in the Painted Mountain ward, I got ready for Sheena's baby shower which was a blast, we've been watching Big Bang Theory which is pretty funny. Sold a couple things on Ebay. Almost bought a Felicity Doll but decided to wait until my kids get older to see what they like, contemplated my girls missions for about mmm every moment since they announced the change, found out a secret about a dear friend that I now have to keep for a while and it's killing me. Chances are if you've talked to me this week and you don't know this person you've already heard the secret...missing my Ipod since I sold my old one to upgrade to a new one which has yet to receive a release date....

Hannah has been funny. Saying things like "Daddy, STOP LOVING MOMMY," during a kissing attack.

My favorite Hannah moment was when she turned off the Charlie Brown DVD she picked from the Library and brought me a different movie instead saying "This movie has bad words I can't watch this." This is because the kids are always saying "stupid" and "dumb" which are bad words in our house. I told her I was proud of her for making that decision and if she always makes decisions like that Heavenly Father would be proud too. "Yeah cause I made good choices," she replied.

Also, as stated earlier, Hannah calls Frozen Yogurt "Frozen Yo" which is incredibly cute and it makes me want to go out and buy frozen yo all the time. Also, frozen yo makes me want to go out and buy it all the time. I'm addicted.

Next week I'm turning 27. I'm on the wrong side of 20. Boo. 25 was my perfect age. I'll be running my first half marathon at 27th in just a few weeks.

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Adam said...

Yay for getting released from our callings!