Monday, October 15, 2012

a week in the life {10/8-10/14}

What a great week! The theme I believe was BABIES!

On Monday, my dear friend Haley had her baby girl Avy Jennifer. She is so beautiful! I spent most of my Monday how I usually do, cleaning and laundering and I can't really remember what else.

Tuesday I watched Beckett while Stacey had a final Doctor apt before the baby came. Hannah had preschool and I had lots of grocery shopping to do. Fun fun.

Wednesday was my birthday. I love my birthday. So many people sent sweet messages, I got some yummy treats, a little something to pamper myself with,  and Adam went to Omaha Steak house and picked up dinner :) Hannah asked what I wanted and I told her I wanted her to be super obedient and to listen. Bless her heart she tried so hard! Each time I reminded her you could see her inner struggle as she tried to adjust her desires to fit mine. Super sweet. We went to both the library and the park to play with friends. That night I got to go hold sweet Avy and see Haley (who looked so beautiful!). It made me want another baby so bad hahaha. I just have to tell myself that I will have to buy a new car when I have another child and since I want to avoid that for a while I have to be patient.

Thursday was preschool and library again. I feel like something else happened too but my brain is kind of a mess today. Thursday night we did a "girls night" with all the ladies that USED to be in Painted Mountain ward and now are in two separate wards. It was SO fun. I went with Sheena, which was funny because I went with her to visit Haley in the hospital, second date in a row. At the girls night I found out my friend Kaui was being endowed and sealed the next morning. I wanted to go so bad but it was too late to get a babysitter.

Friday I called around to find a babysitter and tried to arrange something for my kids. Lidia called and said that her husband Steve (who was Hannah's swimming teacher) was going to be home and he could watch all of our kids so we could go to Kaui's sealing together. It was so awesome! I've never been in a sealing in the Las Vegas temple, and I've never been to a sealing of a couple who were already married. It was so incredible! Stacey had her baby Cache that day so again, Sheena and I went to visit her in the hospital (Sheena, we should be visiting teaching companions lol) and again, I felt sad not to be having a baby.

Speaking of being sad not to have a baby, do you know who is DEVASTATED? Hannah. Hannah is so sad and has had melt downs because there is not a baby in my tummy. All her friends get a new baby in their family and she wants a sister. Not a brother, a sister.

Friday night my parents came into town! They are headed to California to celebrate their 30th anniversary and spent a couple days with us on their way down! I was happy to see them. Hannah and Paige were happy too. It took Paige a minute to warm up...she had a big grin when they pulled up but she wouldn't go with them and I'm pretty sure it's because the last time she was with them we took off, so she would talk to them and smile but she was sticking pretty close to Adam and I.

Saturday the girls and I went on a walk with my parents and Adam went to get the car fixed up so it can be ready for next week (which I will post about). The girls were happy to be with Grandma and Grandpa. We went to get some Frozen Yo and then to the Stake Country Fair. Hannah loves the big girls and wishes that she was 7 or 8 years old I think. It's pretty cute. My parents generously offered to babysit so we could take each other out for our birthdays. We went to see Taken 2 and out to Red Robin. I love my hubby. We have some fun together.

Sunday morning my parents left for the beach and we went to our new ward. It was a little crazy but I'm excited to be in the ward and I hope that soon we will feel like a ward family again instead of a blended family. I ran 7 miles and I'm freaking out that my run is in 2 weeks and the longest I've done is 8 weekend I have to do 10 or I'm toast. Chelsea took our family pictures which I think went a lot better than last year but we'll see how it goes. It kind of felt like wrestling with a bag of snakes but Chelsea is so good to capture our family and has been taking great pictures of our family for three years! She makes us look good :) It's great to feel comfortable with your family photographer because I was jumping up and down making monkey noises and I know she only judged me a little ;)

 I made this for myself for my birthday...My favorite treat ever, Pizzookie. For those of you who don't know, it's a chocolate chip cookie cup with ice cream and sauce :)

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Lesley said...

We just made those cookie things last night. They were so good!! I brought home the frozen cookie dough from Leger's Deli, then we slightly undercooked the cookies and then put chocolate chip cookie dough ice-cream on top w/hot fudge. We agreed next time we'll just do vanilla. Yummy!!!