Monday, October 22, 2012

A Week in the Life {10/15-10/22}

I just did a freakishly long post about Disneyland/my trip. This one will be freakishly short. I hope

Monday: Cleaning/laundry/watching Big Bang Theory with Adam

Tuesday: My cute friend Kaui's husband left for 6 months for basic training, she came over for dinner then we hung out a little bit.

 Hannah begged me to lay down with her at nap time. I told her I would lay with her for ten minutes. Apparently it was not all it was cracked up to be because after 30 seconds she said "you did it for ten minutes, now go... and shut the door behind you." 

Wednesday: Adam's birthday. We bought him some candy/soda and took him lunch from Roberto's. Left for our trip

Thursday: See Disneyland Post

Friday: Came home and Adam was already home. Katie had an adorable baby boy named Jack Ryder. Adam and I spent lots of time together to make up for the 48 hour trip. 

Saturday: Spent from 9:00AM to 5:00PM at the church for Super Saturday and Primary Program practice. Adam and the girls picked me up and he took me to vote early. We hung out at Walmart for a bit getting pumpkins to carve and play with the Christmas and Halloween decor. Then we went to Adam's school so Hannah could ride her bike around. 

Sunday: Ran ten miles. Let me say that again...I ran TEN MILES! My half marathon is in two weeks. So excited. Helped in Primary during church. We came home and both girls were in bed by 6:00. We watched Downton Abbey, and the Walking Dead. Hannah heard us talking about watching The Walking Dead so when she came down during Downton she asked "Is this the Walking Dead?" 

The end. 

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