Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Week in the Life {10/28-11/4}

Look, sometimes I have events that I want to blog about beyond our daily activities, which quite frankly can be boring and uneventful (albeit busy and tiring). This week was one of those weeks.


Same old cleaning routine.


Went shopping with Paige while Hannah was at preschool. This girl is growing too fast. Although Hannah and Paige were born in the same season (5.5 weeks apart) they are very different. Paige is DESPERATE for clothes (especially shoes). Paige is in the 80th percentile and is wearing 2T pants while Hannah is in the 20th percentile and is wearing 2T pants. Go figure.
Fed the missionaries.
Adam went to scouts and I got a calling--my dream calling. A Relief Society teacher.


We went to the park
Halloween (see below)


Hannah had preschool
We did Library storytime
Book Club (we read Mistborn--and by we I mean some people read Mistborn and I read part of it and didn't enjoy). My friend Jen Lee was there (she recently moved to California) which made my night!


Adam and I watched a few episodes of Revenge (our new favorite show)
I rested a lot for the Marathon
I got my new Ipod (!!!!)
Hannah and Paige are the best sisters ever. No reason why, they just are.


Half Marathon (See below)
Shark Reef
Sitting around a lot


Adam did some car repairs and Hannah helped him out

(She took off all the lug nuts by herself) 


We had so much fun for Halloween! As previously seen, Hannah was Belle and Paige was Little Red Ridding Hood.

Hannah and Tayden were holding hands pretty much the entire night so they could "be safe." If the connection was ever broken, both of them would rush over and grab the other one. Hannah would say "Where is Batman? I need to hold his hand!"

Hannah also kept making up songs, or changing words to favorites. She kept singing "Yo Ho Yo Ho a Pirate's life for YOU," to our friend Landon. Then she'd sing "We are so brave of Halloween," or "You don't have to be afraid of Halloween." Both made up. She went into a scary haunted house just to get some candy and was super brave.

Paige got a kick out of Halloween. I think she was the only one of the kids (except for maybe Jackson) that ALWAYS said "Thank You," at least at the door, the kids kept saying it in the driveway after the fact. She would be given candy then immediately look around as if she couldn't believe what was happening and she needed someone to verify that it was not a dream. She wanted to hold her bucket by herself until it got too heavy for her, then she was satisfied with holding on to a couple handfuls of candy. She was pretty spooked by all the decorations but she tried to be brave.

Half Marathon

I've been wanting to do this for about 4.5 years now, although I never really thought I would. Right after Paige was born I started doing the couch to 5k program and I ran a 5k last February. A 5k=3.something miles and I did it in about 24 minutes which was awesome. A half marathon is 13.13 miles and it seemed very daunting, however, I felt confidant that I could do it.

I went down with a couple friends from another ward Lisa and Emily, and we arrived at the race about an hour before it started. We were all pretty anxious because it was our first half marathon. There is such an awesome energy throughout the entire event. It was so exhilarating to be surrounded by thousands of other runners and to hear thousands of feet hitting the pavement in unison as the race begins.

The first mile was a breeze, but between miles 2 and 4 I started to get leg cramps. My feet went numb and I was really worried about shin splints. Finally after mile 4 I pulled off the course for a second to stretch out and readjust. After that I felt pretty fresh. The best had to have been between miles 4 and 10. I felt so good, lots of energy, I was having fun, I was enjoying the race. Then about mile 10 I started to get pretty tired in my legs. I'd taken a shot of energy drink (which was basically JUST caffeine) and it helped a little but for the most part it just made my heart race a ton (which was freaking me out) so I slowed down a bit for about a mile. Adam arrived as I was approaching mile 2 and I really wanted to finish strong so I started running. Adam and the girls were waiting a little ways down from mile 1 so I got to run past and wave at them.

Crossing the finish line was awesome and it felt so good to have accomplished something extraordinary. I've been tooting my own horn about it a lot but I really don't care haha. I'm so happy to check this off my bucket list and to officially state that I am a runner! I did it in two hours and 30 minutes (still waiting on the official time).

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