Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Week in the life {5/21-5/28} and picture catch up

We had a good week I'm sure, although my brain cannot remember most of it.

Bachelorette, Library, Park, Date Night Friday (Watching Woman in Black), Date Afternoon Saturday (Seeing Mary Poppins at the Smith Center), Watching Downton Abbey with Adam (He likes it), Working on training for my 10k, reading an amazing book (I'll do a separate blog on it later), and Memorial day party with friends.

Now here are a bunch of pictures that I haven't posted because I'm lazy and just put them on my camera...

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Lilian said...

Loving the look on Paige's face in those pics where she is sitting in a chair w/Hannah! At first she looks sad, but then when I made the pic bigger she is totally CHEEZING IT!!! SOOOOO cute!!!