Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Week in the Life {3/14-3/20}

I have been horrible at taking pictures lately!

First of all, we learned that Adam won't be working at all this summer really. It is kind of crazy, I know that most working people work all year long and most people expect that teachers have the summer off but Adam has either been working multiple little jobs, going to school full time, or teaching either his class (when they did year round school) or summer school. This is our first summer where he will have nothing really going on except a few random classes. I am both excited and apprehensive about this (I think he is going to get super bored really quick. Plus, whenever Adam is home our whole schedule is thrown off and it's kind of a random life). Aside from my worry I am SUPER excited. It is an opportunity that most families never get so I'm going to look at it as a positive thing and we are just going to get a new routine and grow closer together as a family.

I've decided part of this is that we are going to go "offline" somewhat. We'll check off Facebook, Pinterest, and   other little time wasters. I'll probably blog about our activities and such once a week like I've been trying to do but we are going to try and spend as much time together as a family.

Speaking of going "offline" I've made it a goal to kind of do this in general. I read THIS article recently and THIS one as well. I've always been a phone talker and I probably spend about an hour on the phone every day, mostly to my mom...but get me on the phone and I can't stop myself. Hannah hates it when I talk on the phone when she is awake. She hates when I text and she is trying to talk to me. I always hated it when my mom was on the phone and now there is texting and facebook and I just don't want my children to really ever see me spacing out on the computer or texting or whatever. I want them to remember me playing with them, reading to them, making lunch in the kitchen, etc. So I'm working on it because I'm far from perfect so hopefully this summer I can do better.

This week was great. We went to storytime on Tuesday, the park on Wednesday, and Friday I spend much of the day preparing for and attending a Relief Society activity which was super fun and awesome. Saturday a bunch of sisters went to the cannery (I'm the canning specialist in our ward along with Chelsea Mann) and I realized at that point that I hadn't seen my family for three days. Saturday night I went on a HOT date with Adam Turney. I'm going to warn you right now, the details are very sexy so you may not want to read on....we went to Walmart, people.

Okay so we went out to eat and Robertos (still not sexy but we love some good Mexican food) and then remembered we had to get a bunch of stuff at Walmart (BTW--still didn't get everything!) and then we went out to dessert at our favorite Fro-Yo spot The Golden Spoon. It was nice to finally spend some time together. Paige was dying for me because--I'm not even joking--Friday and Saturday I did not see her awake for longer than one hour total. When I picked the girls up from the date Paige totally had a freak out. She was pretty mad at me and you could seriously tell. I just held her while she clung to me and angrily made desperate mad noises. We spent all day together though so I think that made up for it. Hawaii is going to be interesting.

Listen to this--Since the TV shows we watch have wrapped up their seasons Adam has agreed to watch Downton Abbey with me. I'm so stoked. We are going to start this week. Greatest husband ever.

Oh and one more thing. Yesterday, I spent 20 minutes playing with Paige between my date and the cannery. She was pretty upset so I took her upstairs, changed her, fed her, then I was attempting one on one time with her. Adam was down stairs with Hannah and suddenly Hannah yells up the stairs "Mommy, I'm taking a bath". I ran downstairs to find Adam sleeping in Hannah's princess castle (sexy) and Hannah completely naked in our kitchen sink. Yes, it was overflowing. Yes, she flooded our entire kitchen floor. Good times.

Paige can stand on her own which is awesome.

More funny Hannah sayings:

"I want to use the squeeky butter." (I can't believe it's not butter spray butter)

"Daddy, wake up! I need an outfit to match my backpack!" It was 5am and Hannah decided that Friday morning would be her first day at school. She ended up dressing herself in a long sleeve shirt and long pants which actually kind of matched.

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