Tuesday, May 15, 2012

She Said What Part 2

I forgot to add my favorite Hannah quote last week. She's been doing AWESOME at potty training. I don't even hardly have to remind her anymore that she is wearing panties, she just takes herself. Sometimes it's annoying because she's really great at getting undressed and going potty and not so great at getting dressed and washing up, so I'll be outside a locked door and she's asking me to help but I can't get in...anyway....

Last week she came up with a creative way to ask for help. She has NEVER said "I need to go potty." Except if she's had an accident....which isn't ideal.

She came up to me and said "Mommy, I'm probably going to have an accident RIGHT NOW." So we hurried to the bathroom and no accident!

I posted this on FB yesterday but I wanted this on here too. I told her that we needed to get her hair done which she hates to sit through. So many people give me suggestions and I just want to say, "hey people, I've been doing her hair EVERY DAY since she was 4 days old." She is no stranger to this...She's always had lots of hair, she's just in a stage where she hates to sit and have it pulled and yanked on (my biggest pet peeve is when people say "my girls just KNOW they need to do it because I've taught them" well duh, Hannah always has her hair done but sometimes it's a fight...)

So because of this, Hannah always has excuses for me when it comes time to do her hair. Yesterday it was

"I don't want you to do my hair, it wants to be hilarious!" I about died. It was the funniest thing she has ever said to me!

Some other things I love that she says:

"It's pwobably___________"
"Oh, alright"
"Daddy went to schoooo" She doesn't say her L sound yet so school is schoooo

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