Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Week in the Life 16 {4-30/5-6}

We won arbitration. And that is pretty much my week. Stress up until the decision. Elation at the victory. As soon as I heard the news I burst out into ugly sobs covering my face. Hannah asked if I was laughing "Whats so funny Ma, why are you laughing?" It was a huge victory. I truly felt humbled and blessed.

Other than that I finished a book (The Rose Garden), ran a bunch, and played with my kids. I went to an awesome baby shower ("You going to a baby bathtub Ma?").

Yes "Ma" is now a thing. I think it's because I started calling Hannah "Han" or "Hanners" so she will sometimes call us "Ma" and "Da."

 Sorry for the naked picture...but this kills me. Look at those wrinkles. Kills me kills me kills me.

Paige says Mama. She totally know what it means too. It means "If I say Mamamamamama that lady over there runs over to me quickly and fulfills my every desire as she kisses and coos at me." So she does it a lot.

We went to Shark Reef which was fun as always. We went to a birthday party too for our little friend Veronica.

I love my girls. I love my man.

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