Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Walmart Fail.

Just the other day I was remarking to my mom about how when you need customer service at Walmart you practically have to chase someone down to get help. Today, Walmart hit a whole new low.

While preparing dinner tonight, I pulled out some Salmon (recently purchased at Walmart) and noticed a long black hair clinging to the inside of the "sealed for freshness"bag draped across the fish. Discussed (and no longer in the mood for Salmon) I went to Walmart to return the bag. This was my exchange:

Me: Yes I'd like to return this bag of salmon, there is a hair stuck to one of the individually wrapped salmon.
W.M.: Well if it is on the outside we can't take it back
Me: Clearly it is on the inside, it is stuck to the fish, the fish is sealed, there is no way I put it there
W.M: (tries to remove the hair by scratching her too long, fake nail over the plastic) Do you have a receipt?
Me: No I don't
W.M. We can't take it back then. Besides, how do we know this is from Walmart
Me: (Turning the bag to point out the 'Distributed by Walmart' print on the back of the salmon bag
W.M: Sorry, that is policy. We can exchange it for another bag of salmon.
Me: I won't be purchasing salmon from walmart anymore, thanks.

After much haggling and talking to a manager they reluctantly and rudely returned the salmon. HELLO! Duh. Make sure you check your salmon because I'm pretty sure they'll just restock it.

For your viewing pleasure: http://www.peopleofwalmart.com/

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Lesley said...

Melissa, I'm glad you stood up for yourself. I recently had an experience at Costco where I had to "stand up" for my rights as a customer. As far as Walmart goes... I suppose that is what is to be expected from "the great and abominable store" :-)