Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hannah's Surgery

Hannah is resting right now. The surgery went really well! She didn't fuss or cry at all up until the time when she was taken away from us which is VERY impressive if you ask me (she hadn't had anything to eat or drink after all in 16+ hours).

The scariest part was about five minutes after they took her away from us. Adam went to go get something to eat and I got a phone call from the hospital saying that they were trying to locate us and I had to go back immediately to the O.R. I ran back there as fast as I could with my heart beating wildly, thinking that something might have gone wrong with the anesthesia (a terrifying thought) It turned out that everything was ok, but the Dr. discovered that in addition to her epigastric hernia, she also had an umbilical hernia and he wanted to know if it was ok to operate on. He saw the panic on my face and apoligized, telling me everything was fine (they could have said that in the first place) and she was doing well.

After about an hour they came back and said everything went well. I'd french braided her hair (in hopes that I could save most of it from being shaved for the removal of the cyst) to the point of her cyst so it served as his "arrow" pointing where to operate hahaha. When we got to go back I was thrilled to see a nice nurse was holding her (rather than sticking her in the crib/bed) and she started whimpering when she saw us as if to say "guess what happened to me mom and dad." Her voice is sore because of the intubation they had to do and it makes me sad every time she makes a noise. I'm grateful that everything went well, that we had a good doctor and nurses. I'm grateful she had a priesthood blessing last night to calm my heart and most of all I'm grateful that it is behind us.


Lesley said...

When I looked at the first picture, I didn't know who to be more worried about... you or Hannah :-) I'm glad it's all behind you. Taking children to hospitals and turning them (and our trust) over to someone else is stressful stuff. Love you all.

Margie said...

We are looking forward to giving you and Hannah hugs when we get there. I'm glad to have today over with and that everything went well!! I love you!

Bea said...

What a sad face :o(
and Hannah doesn't look happy either. And as for Adam :o(
he is finding out real fast the "joys" of Fatherhood :o(
And poor little girl with circles under her eyes. :o(
It is ok, it will get better but.... we sure do not like these downsides of parenthood. :o(
Love you all :o)

jonandalicia said...

I am so glad to hear that everything went well!!! I hope that the recovery will go by quickly and she will be back to her adorable self!

Georgia said...

My favorite photo was Hannah sitting in the crib with her little "Ducky Feet" gripper socks on. That made me smile because when Dani had the same surgery 22 years ago, they put the exact same socks on her tiny little feet. We got to bring them home and she wore them until she outgrew them and we always called them her 'ducky feet socks'.

I'm so happy you all survived the stressful day, now on to a full and speedy recovery!

The Catmull Crowd said...

poor girl! I am glad it went well... are you doing ok? I hate watching my own kids go through things!

Marivic said...

I'm glad baby Hannah is okay...I know she had her surgery over a week ago and she is okay, but these pictures still make me feel bad for her :-( Poor baby...But like you said, glad it's behind her now.