Monday, October 11, 2010

Surgery :/

Ever since I discovered Hannah's hernia two months ago I knew this was coming. It has bothered me, although it hasn't seemed to bother her much.

Hannah has an Epigastric hernia between her belly button and rib cage. It was caused when her abdominal muscles were forming together. It can be painful for her, but does not include any intestine so it is not serious.

She also has a cyst on her head which she has had since birth but it has steadily grown larger and larger. The Dr. told us it should be removed--and that he is going to have to shave about a quarter size of hair (cry) on her beautiful head to take care of it. I was pretty sad about that. Her hair is one of my favorite things! In the world! But I'd rather get her cyst taken care of so it doesn't bother her or me.

So on October 21st we are going in for surgery. I admit, my heart aches a little to think about it, even though I know she will be fine. I even googled "Baby+Hernia+Surgery+Death" and nothing really came up so I was reassured.


Lilian said...

Well YOU didn't die when you had the surgery when you were little. With her head of hair I'll bet it will grow back very quickly. It's scary. I know. She'll be in our prayers for a very quick recovery.

em said...

Ohhhhh.... That is sad! Even though those are minor things, in comparison to so many other things, it still hard! U will have a great excuse to buy more headbands and bows so that u can cover her little bald spot ;) ! Good luck w everything, we will b thinking of little Hannah on that day. :)

Bea said...

She will do fine and so will you. :o)
Glad you are getting it taken care of. :o)
:o) the word verification is

jonandalicia said...

I am so sorry to hear that she has to have a surgery. I don't care how minor it is, it still breaks my heart to hear about babies having something wrong. I know that everything will be fine, but she will be in our prayers!