Tuesday, September 28, 2010

State of Education Part 4: Student or Prisoner, where are the priorities?

The average student in Clark County is 11,420 (about 1,000 dollars less, per student, than the national average)

The average prisoner in Nevada costs about 23,000 dollars per year (National average over 25,000).

If schools spent more money per student, per school, per teacher (I'm not talking about pay, I'm talking about supplies) than I am sure there would be less prisoners. Statistically, students that drop out make less than students who graduate, and are more likely to end up in prison.

My point? It is time to focus more on Education, and put the money where the need is.

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Melinda said...

Well said!! Idaho ranks 48 out of 50 in $ spent per student in schools but #1 in spending on juvenile prisoners in state's custody. They rave that there is a low re-offense rate, but when the law enforcement stretches that re-offense rate from 3 months post discharge to 3 years, the re-offense rate is 85%. Something is definitely off balance and backwards. Education is key to keeping our children out of the prison system-and welfare system at that-and would boost everything about this country. I honestly believe that aside from everyone just accepting the gospel, there is absolutely nothing that would better our country more than to become a well educated and respectful society.