Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mean Mommy?

So we've had a little problem with the words "no" "stop" and "don't"

Hannah just chooses to hear "blah, blah, and blah"

The other night she shocked herself when unplugging and replugging Adam's lap top. We comforted her, but an hour later she was trying to do it she found a discarded fan, recognized the plug, and tried to find an outlet.

She also likes to get into the desk and turn off the computer, particularly when we are working on it, she is just too quick.

Today I found a solution to at least one of our problems:

This lovely picture is now taped onto our computer so that when she opens the desk she is faced with this beautiful creature. The first time it happened she quickly closed the desk and hid around the corner--no tears, just caution.

I may be a mean mommy, but at least I know she won't break the computer...?


Georgia said...

Whatever works, Mommy! It sounds like you've found an effective method of keeping little fingers safe and devices plugged or unplugged as needed. As always, I'm so impressed!

Candace said...

BAHAHAHAHAHA. I love it!! very creative.