Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hannah Banana {13 months}

It's been a while since I did a Hannah update without asking desperately for advice!

She is really developing a fun personality. She never takes a bite of her food or a sip of her bottle without sharing with Adam or I first. She loves to share which is a wonderful trait and I hope she can keep it up.

I think I've blogged before about what a good helper she is. She unloads the dishwasher with me, she puts her clothes away in the hamper and picks out her own outfits and she throws her diaper away. Now she has started to go through one of my drawers and put my clean clothes in my hamper. I think it is funny that she can distinguish between our two hampers.

At the beginning of last month she had two teeth on the bottom. Now 8 have come through (the top front four and two molars on top) and two molars are popping out of the's been a crazy month for teeth!

She is good to sit and get her hair french braided and it looks so cute!

She loves to laugh and laughs at EVERYTHING! She laughs especially when she is climbing. She loves to climb out of the shopping cart.

Hannah has two friends that come over ever Thursday and Friday. Sammy and Pepper. She loves them both and squeals with excitement when they come over.

She loves having tea parties and playing with Daddy.

She is still the JOY of our lives and we love her so much!


Bea said...

Thanx for the update. I refer you to your Mom's blog and your sister's departure for school. Hold tight to Hannah, because in 5 minutes it will be her you are taking to BYUI
She grows more beautiful.

Margie said...

I don't even want to think about Hannah growing up! She is a joy to me too. Loved the pictures! Hold tight to Hannah too.