Tuesday, September 28, 2010

State of Education: Part 1: Some Statistics

With the release of the movie "Waiting for Superman" it seems like NBC, ABC, and CBS are focusing a lot of their news programs and talk shows on the state of Education in America. I decided to do a series of posts on the opinion of someone close to the Educational system.

Some Stats:

Graduation Rate:

Nevada: 51%
Utah: 74%
California: 71%
Wisconsin (highest in Nation): 90%

4th Grade Reading:

Nevada: 24%
California: 24%
Massachusetts (highest in Nation): 47%
(Adam's class p.s. was over 80%)

4th Grade Math:

Nevada: 32%
Utah: 41%
California: 30%
Massachusetts (Highest in Nation): 57%
(Adam's class over 60%)

Last year, Adam's school had a 53% proficiency rate on test scores. While the school sat at 53% Adam's individual test scores were 76% proficient.

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