Wednesday, March 31, 2010

{A Wonderful Gift}

Anyone who knows me knows that I love beautiful things. I like classic, timeless, beautiful things that inspire me. I especially love artwork.

I haven't purchased much artwork for our home. In fact, until very recently we didn't really have much to display (a few Greg Olsens, a Bountiful Temple picture from my Grandma and one from Mom, etc)

Adam's grandma Peggy retired last year and since then has taken up painting. She does a wonderful job! She does a lot of landscape and floral arrangement, and has started to dabble in watercolor collage. I love it. As I was going through her portfolio I found a painting I HAD to have. It was a sweet little street corner book shop called Shelby's. I saw it and loved it instantly. Peggy said we could have the painting for free but we had to pay for the framing. I wanted it so bad but didn't think Adam would go for it.

Tonight as we got back from California Adam came and brought it to me {I had a little inkling that perhaps he had purchased it from Grandma} I was so happy! Thanks Adam!

P.S. The pictures DO NOT do the painting justice!


Bea said...

I LOVE the picture, and the fact that Adam's G'ma painted it makes it all the more beautiful!!! it will beautify your home. :o)

Lesley said...

I love the painting Melissa, I'm so happy that Adam bought it for you. Not only is it beautiful... but sentimental. I wish you'd post some pictures of your home. I'd love to have a "tour".

Stephanie said...

Ah, that's the painting! It's pretty I'm glad you guys got it.