Saturday, March 13, 2010

I enjoy having a girl

Recently I've been visiting a wonderful site for those of us without the skills or desire to make their own bows and flowers. Sure it is fun to do one every once in a while but it can get so expensive. Believe me, I've tried. I wanted Hannah to have beautiful bows and flowers for her beautiful hair. Not only that but the lady who does is in my ward. She makes QUALITY flower clips and headbands for really cheap. I think Hannah makes them very beautiful :)


Margie said...

What cute hair bows!! I'm glad you were able to get these!!

Stephanie said...

I loved meeting Hannah in person! She is adorable! Such a cute fun baby. It was so nice to see you. Thank you for dropping by for a little while sorry things were a little crazy with all three kids here and tell your mom sorry that she was stuck holding Sam. Who by the way continued to sleep like that most of the day go figure.