Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Two Homes

I was recently given the opportunity to travel with Hannah up to good ole Pleasant View Utah where I spent the better part of my growing up years. It is always a joy to see my family and so hard to leave them when the time comes.

Sometimes I confuse myself when people ask me "where are you from?" In Las Vegas I always tell them I'm from Utah, anywhere else I tell them I'm from Las Vegas.

Why I love Utah/Pleasant View:

I love my family. I love being close to them. I love being able to stay up late and talk with my sister. I love the feeling of calm and peace that comes from being near my parents. I love the clean air and the clean streets and the motivational posters as you drive south on I-15 to Salt Lake. I love the friendly people. I love the hills that lead up to my parents house, I love the trees and the foliage and the seasons. I love the presence of the church, I love the old theaters and restaurants, I love that something can be old but feel vintage instead of be old and feel trashy, I love the SEASONS, I love the mountains, the view, it is truly a glorious view, I love the space between houses and the yards and the basements and the closeness of it all.

Why I love Las Vegas:

I love Adam and he is here and this is where we made our first home, I love the struggle we have had to build our marriage upon a foundation which started here, I love being able to be independent from our families, I love the secluded drive in the desert on our drive home, I love the strip lit up at night seen perfectly from my bedroom window, I love when it rains, I love my church family, I love the absence of the church because it is not a part of daily life so you have to stand up and stand out to keep it in the forefront of your mind which in some ways makes it so much easier to be closer to God, I love the identity I've created here, I love my home, I love that I will forever be able to say that I gave birth in Las Vegas when it was 110 degrees, I love the contrast you are able to feel when you drive past the strip to the temple.

I will always have two homes. I will always love both homes. There are good and beautiful thing in both homes. The most important thing is that Adam and Hannah are my home because Home is where the Heart is and they are my heart.


Margie said...

We love having you come home. We are also happy you are happy at your home too.

It was a great week. I have missed you and Hannah a lot today!

Bea said...

And Utah will always be here when you choose to return.
It was good to see you and Hannah, you help make our lives complete. :o)
Love you!!!

Stephanie said...

I know exactly how you feel :) I know that sounds funny coming from a girl who bought a house around the corner from her mom and dad but remember where I came from and where I've been. I will always love CT and FL for that. I hope one day I have the opportunity to live with my family in a place that we have to make home, what a challenge and a blessing for a family.