Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Confused Fan of Lost-a-Flag...

The picture comes to us from Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago in a hilarious digital short called Flags! Of! The World! Basically it does a bunch of random flags and my favorite verse says:

Rasta flag.
Pasta flag.
Confused Fan of Lost-a flag.

I laughed so hard because I am indeed a confused fan of LOST. I am absolutely LOST.

I started watching Lost in the Fall of 2005 when my boyfriend Adam wanted me to get into it with him. It was the start of the second season but he had the first season so I decided to try to catch up. I did it in a matter of days. I was HOOKED. Best. Show. Ever. I then caught up with the second season but halfway through had to run off to Russia so I once again had to catch up.

The first season was amazing. The second was hit or miss until the end and then it was HIT. I am so lost at this point that it has been hard to enjoy the first half of the final season but I have to say- I'm glad it is over.

I feel like such a slave to my TV shows. I have decided to stop watching Medium and Law and Order SVU. Lost and Ugly Betty have about 7 episodes left for the series and Desperate Housewives only has one season left (which I'm debating to watch--it is pretty much scum...I don't know why I bother) After that I am d0ne with one hour dramas. I won't watch anything longer than a half hour sitcom (with the exception of GLEEEEEEE) and then I only have The Office, Community, and 30 Rock. I have made a vow that I won't watch any more TV shows that are still running but if I hear about a good series I will rent them--like I did with Alias and Gilmore Girls.

This is a worthless post. I just watched Lost and had nothing else to do ;)


Bea said...

Sounds like you are in the process of "finding" yourself.

Margie said...

Grandma says it all!! I believe balance is a key to life!! Watching too much TV can be a colossal waste of precious time that can leave a person ultimately feeling empty and unsatisfied. There is not much worth while (if anything) on TV and even though I haven't been a TV junkie, I have wasted my own share of precious time watching the tube.

I say good for you for cutting out wasteless TV shows and spending precious time doing more valuable things. Life is too short to spend several hours a week watching other people's fake lives on TV. What a trap it is!!

Again, the key is balance. We all need down time within reason :)!

Lesley said...

I am also a "Lost" fan but am ready to see it come to an end. As I've watched this final season I've been wondering is it really coming to a close... it seems to be digging in deeper.

There really is little of value on TV. I seriously could live happily without it.