Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Week in the Life {9/3-9/9}

This week has been a busy one!

Monday was spent cleaning and laundering as always, but in addition to the regular housework (which Adam helped with on his day off) I went through EACH AND EVERY clothing item ages newborn to 4T that we have. We basically had two wardrobes for girls that age. I was sincerely overwhelmed with how extraordinarily blessed we've been. We had someone give us a whole years worth of adorable infant clothing of a baby that had been born the summer before Hannah. Same season and everything. We also have a good friend who has passed on her daughter's adorable wardrobe age 18 months to 4T (also born the summer before Hannah). Not to mention, our girls have been extremely spoiled by their grandma's who just couldn't help themselves :) I have not had the need to buy a single item for either of my girls (although, sometimes I just can't help myself either) in three years and I won't have to until Hannah is in Kindergarten! As I went through the clothes, keeping the clothes that were still in perfect condition, donating the ones that either were out of style (because lets face it, when I have another baby in a couple of years, if it is a girl, these clothes will be 6 or 7 years old), too worn, or I just couldn't face it through one more child after two already. I still have basically a whole wardrobe for another girl but Adam estimates we got rid of about 1,000 dollars worth of clothing.  

Tuesday was a big day, Hannah's first day of preschool! She was so excited and she had a TON of fun. I can finally appreciate when my mom would ask me about school and I didn't really say anything because she was not very forthcoming with information. She loved all of her little classmates. I am doing a preschool co-op with three other moms, Brandee, Jessica, and Stacey. There are six kids total (Brandee has triplets!) I'm lucky to be with such a fantastic and reliable group of ladies and their cute kids. Next week, it's my turn with the bunch and I'm actually pretty excited to teach! We are using Mother Goose Time which is a great program, providing all sorts of materials and lesson plans for us. They are focusing on Friends and Feelings. The shape they are learning is the circle, the letter F, the color blue, and so on. Hannah made some REALLY cute crafts. She also learned a little rhyme which apparently I'm doing all wrong. It was insane to see her all dressed up and off to preschool. I can't believe in two years she will be in KINDERGARTEN! After preschool we went to the park and had a little picnic. Is it weird that she seems more grown up to me already? It is my hope that we can really prepare these kids for kindergarten. When I asked Paige if we should go pick Hannah up she got a smirk on her face and shook her head no. She is such a goof.

Wednesday is a tough day for Adam but I think I love him all the more for it. He currently has three callings (four if you count home teaching) and one of them is scoutmaster. That means he gets home from work, has about an hour and a half to be home, then is off to scouts for the rest of the evening. It makes for a long day but he loves being with the scouts. We also called Austin, who turned 29 and had a more than two hour birthday call. He's doing really great. We also noticed that our account was overdrawn because a tithing check which was older than 90 days had been cashed. We had assumed about two months ago, that it had been lost in the mail so we wrote a new check. Apparently it had just been misplaced because we ended up double paying on that particular tithing check. Oh boy.

Thursday was another day of preschool. Paige wasn't feeling well, and Hannah seemed to be catching something, or at least her asthma was getting worked up. Adam's giant 3D tv came. Let me tell you a story about this TV....Adam has been BEGGING for a new TV for over two years (PS we've had our current TV for only 4 years....what the heck Adam, be satisfied already) and he wanted a top of the line, 3D TV. I told him last year that we could get one for Christmas so a few weeks ago I said, start looking for some deals. Well folks, as soon as I said that, he bought a TV, although, I have to admit, he got a REALLY good deal (more than half off a top of the line TV) so I was very happy about THAT. It was kind of funny because we paid off our car a couple weeks ago and we were out of debt for 5 days before Adam bought a TV. Luckily, since we were planning on buying it, we'll have it paid off next month so it's not a big deal, it was just funny that we were out of debt for less than a week before Adam made a major purchase. It will end up being our birthday and Christmas gifts to each other this year. Even though I didn't really want is still kind of cool. When Hannah saw the TV she got really upset. I told her Daddy bought a new TV. "Why did he do that?" She questioned. "I don't know. He wanted a bigger nicer one." "But I wanted to have our TV forever! I don't want a new TV." Turns out she didn't know she could also watch her favorite TV shows on the new TV.

I had a fun moment with my girls on Thursday. They were just in the bath and I was watching them but not really interacting with them. It was awesome to watch them cooperate together and play games. Paige is also really understanding instructions. She's trying to be more verbal and talks a lot to us without really saying anything.

Almost done! You can see I have 5 giant tubs still full of clothes (and another one twice the size already packed and put away, plus one in Paige's room) and lots of clothes started in bags. It's a little heartbreaking to pack away tiny clothes and I die a little inside each time. 
About half the bags we packed up to donate to friends
We couldn't resist putting Paige in this little snow suit. She got a BIG kick out of it. 
 Left to right: Tayden and Nathan, Emily and Hannah, Luke and Dane
 Taden, Luke, Dane, Nathan, Emily, Hannah 

 It is kind of embarrassing how giant our TV is...

Friday we had exciting news. Sean and Lindsey got ENGAGED! It is pretty much the most romantic engagement story ever...I didn't know my brother had it in him...My mom posted all the details on her blog here so please please click over to read it. I would seriously put it in my top 5 engagement stories.

Saturday was busy but fun. We went canning with the ward, shopping, and then Stacey and Scott watched the rascals so we could go out to dinner with some friends. It was a blast and you cannot go wrong with fried ice cream and good company!

We are staying home from church today (the girls and I) because Hannah has had some asthma issues and Paige has had a runny nose. Paige is getting her shots tomorrow and I'm weird about my kids getting sick and getting shots because I've heard it can be dangerous so I'm avoiding that...

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