Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Week in the Life {9/10-9/16}

Wow, last week was a tough act to follow. You know when you have a really fun and exciting week, and then the next is pretty average? Well I'm having a hard time recalling our week.

Monday we did a one year old and three year old check up. Hannah had to get a flu shot and so did Paige, but Paige also had to have a flu shot on top of three immunizations and had to get a poke to check her hemoglobin levels (?) so five pokes for Paige. Hannah was super brave, considering I didn't tell her what a shot was and she didn't remember. She was just laying on the table and POKE! She was not pleasantly surprised, but she was very brave and only cried for a second. Paige on the other hand gave me a face that I'll never forget. She was so upset. Paige is in the 75th percentile for height and weight and Hannah is in the 30th for height and 45th for weight. The pediatrician was impressed with Hannah and said she was very intelligent doing things that they don't expect until 5 years old (such as sounding out things phonetically and naming things that start with certain letters--it's a game we in "name everything you can think of that starts with the letter F") but she has the emotional intelligence of a three year old. Because of this, she doesn't have much control over her little spirit but she is smart enough to press my buttons. If you try reverse psychology on her she looks at you like "do you seriously think I'm an idiot?" Hannah and I are still figuring each other out. I love her though. I also mailed Meggies birthday package, went grocery shopping, cleaned the house top to bottom, and did laundry. It was quite the full day.

I guess the biggest thing was that this week was our week at preschool on Tuesday and Thursday. It was pretty fun. I had a kid cry each time he came over and then refuse to leave each time he left. It was funny. Hannah is super smart as I mentioned previously and she helped me out a lot. I am impressed with all the kids actually. They each bring something special to the group and I can tell it is going to be a fun year all around.

Thursday there was a deal with Adam's school that 10% of every meal purchased by students and teachers at Chili's was donated to the school. We decided to go. Dang you Chilis for having pictures on your kids menu! Hannah chose a personal pizza (I knew she would) and then I said "You can have pineapple, apples, broccoli  or carrots..." "Um no, I want those french fries." It's a wonder she's only in the 45th percentile in weight. We had a lot of fun though.

Friday, since we had a pretty busy week of getting things done that we had to, I decided to take both girls out for some frozen yogurt. Hannah and I each picked out a flavor and the three of us shared. After fro yo we went to the park and played for a while. It's so fun to just play with my daughters. They each amaze me in different ways. Paige is picking up on so much. Sometimes I call her my little parrot because she tries to repeat everything I say. If I talk about her shoes she points to her feet. She'll blow kisses to everyone. If she hears the garage she gets excited and says "Dada!" She gives kisses to closed books and hugs to open books (as if they are opening their arms to hug her back). She's been saying "Thank you" (sort of...a couple days ago I noticed that every time something is handed to her she'll say "geegee") and Hannah a lot. She likes to "sing" along to music. I love her. Hannah on the other hand is so much fun. She comes up with the best things. She is such a logical thinker (when she is not being emotional) and totally figures things out. We were driving the other day and she said "Mommy, I'm not going to be shy of Nana anymore. She is Daddy's Mommy and that means that she is my grandma. You don't be scared of grandmas. You be brave of them. So I'm brave of Nana." We've never told her that Kris is her grandmother, or that my mom is her grandmother or even really what a grandmother is. When I'm talking on the phone she also likes to make every connection. "Are you talking to Meggie? Meggie is your sister. Meggie is my aunt. Margie is Meggies mommy too? I love her ever thinking mind, always working out some problem.

Saturday we had a birthday party which was awesome. Hannah was very strategic working out the gift she wanted to pick out for her friend "Mommy, this one has a picture of a boy on it. Do you think Ian would like it? Mommy, those are bad guys, we can't get that for him..." It was the cutest birthday ever. My friend Debbi is so creative. Then I went to a shower for my friend Haley. It was a surprise shower and so much fun!

Sunday, I walked around for three hours with Paige at church. I've been assigned to help get people registered to vote in our ward and so we had to go early (aka Paige didn't get a nap) and she was screaming or wriggling pretty much all three hours of church. Of course as soon as she hit her car seat she was snoring. Nana came for a visit and Hannah showed us all how she can ride her bike up and down the street.

 She found this get up in her closet and though it would be fun to play in. 


Lilian said...

Interesting to learn that you are assigned to help people at church get registered to vote. Isn't that a conflict between church and state? Just curious.

The girls are so cute. Paige reminds me so much of YOU at that age.

Melissa said...

It's kind of funny isn't it? Actually, did you know that less than 40 percent of eligible members of the church are registered to vote? It's a new assignment that church HQ is passing down to the stakes. It states: "In accordance with the laws of their respective governments, members are encouraged to register to vote, to study issues and candidates carefully, and to vote for individuals whom they believe will act with integrity and sound judgment. Latter-day Saints have a special obligation to seek out, vote for, and uphold leaders who are honest, good, and wise." So while the church doesn't support any specific candidate, they do believe that it is important for every member to do their civic duty, although I DID feel weird setting up registration booths in the entry ways for between meetings and before and after church.