Monday, September 3, 2012

A Week in the Life {8/27-9/2}

Well friends, this week was better.

Did Hannah sleep more? No. In fact, I gave up nap time. I think I mentioned last week that I was going to. Even though she clearly still needs to take a nap, you cannot make another person sleep. There is just no physically possible way without lots of medication (and even then, you never know). So we resorted to "quite time" In which she stays in her room and plays quietly. She even fell asleep during quiet time once or twice so that was a bonus for me.

Monday I cleaned and ran and had a normal boring Monday.

Tuesday, I took the girls to the library that I used to take Hannah to every week before our new library was built. It was tender going back there and remembering the good old days with me and my little baby Hannah going to story time and checking out books. Of course it's been about a year and a half since we've gone there and Hannah didn't remember it at all which, I'm not going to lie, kind of broke my heart a little bit because I have such tender memories there. We also went to my friend Elyshia's house. I totally got lost on the way there and Hannah said "We can't get lost! We better hold hands!" Luckily we DID find our way and had a good time with E.

Wednesday we went to our library and checked out some new books. I got to hang out with my friends. Hannah dropped my ipod in the toilet which also broke my heart but thanks to the internet I learned a trick one dunk in the toilet ago that if you quickly turn it off and place it in a bag of rice in a warm spot (like outside or in a garage etc.) then the rice will absorb the liquid, no harm done.

Thursday....I know I did something on Thursday. It is sometimes hard to remember your weeks, even if it was just a few days ago. Oh yeah, my awesome visiting teachers came over, I cleaned up the house again and did laundry, and after Adam came home from work I took the girls to the store so Adam could have a chance to relax a bit since the poor guy can never really catch a break. He is REALLY loving his new school  and they seem to love him over there too....even though there have been rattle snakes IN the school. They had to shut the school down for a day over the weekend and have some experts make sure that the school was completely snake free (they were worried there was an infestation, which there was not thank goodness, as one baby rattlesnake could kill ten kids). Although the school is notorious for finding tarantulas and scorpions on the grounds as well. Welcome to the desert, people.

Friday Hannah had her FIRST preschool get together. Preschool starts on Tuesday. We are both really excited. Hannah is going to do awesome in preschool and I think it will be good for her to spend some time with cute friends. We are doing the preschool with three other families, one of them being a family of triplets born just a few days before Hannah. We'll trade off weekly which means with six kids I will host once every six weeks. We had a blast. We also walked to the school and picked up Adam for his three day weekend. After the girls went to bed, I decorated for Paigey's birthday, practiced making crepes for the first time, and watched The Big Bang Theory with my man.

Saturday was a fun and busy day. We celebrated Paige's birthday as a family. I made crepes which were a success and I'm glad I did some practice ones because I got better with each one. We opened gifts, per Turney tradition I asked all the family for a favorite childhood book to give to Paige. I gave her the Beatrix Potter Collection, Adam gave Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Hannah gave Harold and the Purple Crayon, Grandma got her Pat the Bunny, Grandpa got her Lily and the Purple Plastic Purse, Megan got Matilda, and Sean got Leo the Late Bloomer. We are still waiting on the Turney books which will arrive with Nana in two weeks. Adam and I also got Paige a forward facing car seat. She.was.thrilled. She kept pointing and laughing out the window and at me who she can now see. She just looked overjoyed to be in a big girl car seat.  Then we went to Shark Reef and Paigey was so excited! She had a lot of fun chasing the fish in the giant tanks. We went to McDonalds for lunch and to play after. Paige can climb up the tree slide, scoot down the stairs, climb back up the stairs, and slide down the tree slide! She is getting so big. At this point I have to point out what awesome friends I have because at 1:30 I put Hannah in quite time, Paige down for a nap, and my friend Cori came over to watch the girls so we could see WICKED!!!!! It was SO MUCH FUN and even more incredible than I remembered. We LOOOOOVE out season tickets to the Smith Center. I'm sad Wicked is over but I'm excited to see Beauty and the Beast, Anything Goes, Catch me if you Can, Billy Elliot, and more this coming season! We came home and played/had dinner and put the girls to bed and watched Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close which Adam HATED but I thought was really moving. It was about 9/11 which always gives me a dull, depressed feeling but it was beautifully done and a good movie to watch in September.

Today is Paigey's birthday. I can't believe my little Paige is one. She is such a light in my life. She has the BEST smile in the world and can always brighten my day. She is such a mommy's girl too which makes me feel so good. We had breakfast and then I made cupcakes for her party and threw dinner in the crock pot.

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Stacey said...

Happy Birthday Paige! So glad we got to celebrate with her birthday with you guys. Not so glad you posted that horrendous picture...thanks for that!