Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Week in the Life 15 {4/23-4/29}

What a great week we've had!

First of all, I'm excited to announce that our sister Allie Turney got engaged to Jeff Elms on Wednesday April 25th! They will be married in the Fresno Temple on July 14th 2012.

On Monday I had a bunch of girls over to watch the new Footloose. Heads up, Dennis Quaid is totally my dad in that movie (in his dress and mannerisms...he would totally let all of us cut footloose if we felt the urge).

Tuesday, Adam got together with some guy friends and had a game night. He always has a blast with them. It's really fun for him to have other nerdy fellows to get together and do nerdy things together.

Wednesday, we went to the park on a rainy day. It was a lot of fun. Adam had scouts that night. If you are keeping track we haven't seen each other much this week. Allie called with her exciting news.

Thursday was book club. We were discussing a Scottish book and our hostess made sticky toffee pudding, which was a favorite treat on our England trip. We also went to the library and got one of our new favorite treats to share...FROZEN YOGURT!!!

Friday I spent the day in anticipation for news about the CCSD/CCED arbitration. Long legal battle short...if CCSD wins (Clark County School District) then Adam gets a 15 percent pay cut, and we won't get about 4 paychecks starting immediately (we wouldn't get paid until July and even then it would be a partial paycheck). Not fun. Allie and Jeff stayed over. Jeff had planned a guy weekend and Allie tagged along to see her nieces and favorite Las Vegas brother. We had another park day. It was a blast.

Saturday Allie, Hannah, and I had a big girl morning. We went wedding cake tasting and to the mall for another little park day.

Sunday (today) Allie and I went for a little run in the morning. We went to church and Jeff came back for Allie so we hung out with them for a bit before they had to drive back to Visalia.

Still no word on the arbitration garbage. I feel sick to my stomach thinking about taking a 15 percent pay cut on top of all the other financial concession teachers have made in the last three years (including salary freezes, benefits, etc) I feel even sicker thinking that the school district will take BACK the money that has been given to us but I have faith that everything will work out.

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