Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Week in the Life 14 {4/16-4/22}

I got behind again so instead of trying to catch up I'll just say we had a great week!

*Adam and I went on a date (that means THREE dates this month) to the Country Superstar Tribute concert and it was awesome
*Hannah is still ROCKING the potty training
*I taught a lesson in Relief Society--it was terrifying
*Paige does a funny little crawl thing where she is trying to walk but can't quite get up

Finally, a shout out to Adam--greatest husband/father in the world. He's been making an extra effort to give me a break and to spend time with his daughters in not only quantity (which he has always done) but quality. He took Hannah to the park a couple days last week, the library, McDonald's to share an ice cream together, and has fed Paige every meal that she eats when he is home. He even planned a daddy daughter camp out in the back yard (I was invited and tried to camp out but had to come inside, pregnancy has ruined my ability to sleep on the floor :/ my tail bone is all messed up. But just look at those two little faces! It was worth it! We've even gone out for frozen yogurt as a family a couple times this week and tried 8 different flavors! It was a great week!

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