Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Week in the life 13 {4/9-4/15}

I am trapped in my house!!!

So we started potty training again. I told Hannah "after California, no more diapers." It's a mantra we have been repeating for several weeks now. It totally clicked. She's had about three accidents in a seven day period which is pretty awesome. I feel like we can totally leave the house and she is getting there.

That is not why I am trapped.

Hannah has essentially been sick since February with a few breaks now and again. I'm sure as you go back through my blog you can track it. Since Hannah had RSV as an infant she has respiratory issues. She has to take a steroid for that. When she takes the steroid it makes her especially susceptible to colds and infections. As you can imagine, she got a cold which prompted the use of the albutreral which made her susceptible to another cold so we had to use albuteral which made her susceptible to another cold so we had to use albuteral (repeat, repeat, repeat!) so we are staying away from little kids until further notice which means no park, no library, no nursery. AND I've been using hand sanitizer like a crazy person, which, if you know me is NOT my style.

Paige is the sweetest thing. She got sick this time (she's gotten sick twice since the whole Hannah sickness thing fact I think she was the one to give Hannah the sickness). She got her first tooth! She is working on another one that is not far behind. She is a total Mommy's girl. She is getting more and more curious about life and her surroundings and is getting fast. Ever since she was born she has been on the go. You might recall she rolled over 4 times when she was 11 days old. She always did this weird sit up thing before she could actually sit up and now she gets on her hands and toes and pushes up with her little bum in the air and tries to stand up.

My mom, and Ensign Grandparents came for a very quick but very fun visit. Hannah and Paige were both thrilled. Paige was giving everyone hugs and kisses and cuddles while Hannah was chatting away and wanting all the attention. Hannah even said she wanted to play a game and she would be Grandma Phyllis. We went to a park and I just drove around and showed my Grandma where I live, where I run, where Adam works etc. The nicest part was Adam and I were able to go on a date to the temple where we did sealings. After the sealings we went to Five Guys (a famous burger place--really big back east) and to my shock and amazement...I liked their hamburger better than In-N-Out which I never thought possible because I have been a long time loyal customer (I still like the fries better at In-N-Out). Hannah was very sad when they all left.

Hannah broke the back of the toilet by pushing the lid of the tank off, breaking off the corner. We were really lucky it didn't break in half. It broke into about twenty small pieces but I'm going to try and glue some of the bigger ones back together. Who knew that part of a toilet ran about $50-$110?!?!?! I'm glad she wasn't hurt and I'm glad nothing else was either.

The biggest news of the week is that Adam got a job at Forbuss Elementary. He will most likely be teaching 3rd grade with a possibility of 2nd or 4th as well. Adam has had a great 5+ years at Tanaka. He will miss his fellow teachers. He is excited to work under the new administration and excited to be so close to home (less than a mile!) Forbuss is a great school with lots of opportunities and it will hopefully aid him in his future endeavors to become an administrator. He applied for the transfer for these reasons and was lucky enough to be selected. He thought it was the shirt I picked for the interview and his winning smile but I think it has more to do with the fact that he is a hard worker with a technology background and two masters degrees. I'm so proud of him.

So that is our week. Sorry, no pictures.


Lilian said...

They have Five Guys here too. I've eaten there once. Can't remember if I liked it or not? Ha ha.. I better try again!

Georgia said...

I'm so sorry you've been dealing with sick babies, but so happy you got a little visit with your Mom and Grandparents...what a treat!

Congratulations to Adam on his new job and his many accomplishments which have taken him to this great place.

I love 5 guys too. In fact I agree about the burgers being tastier than In-N-Out! Yum.

Have a great next week and I hope you have health restored to all!

Bea said...

No pictures :o( I guess I will have to look again at last week's.
I tried 5 Guys don't remember being impressed, perhaps I will try again. It was probably all the hype.
All of you get well and stay well.
Hooray for Hannah!!! no diapers, and Hooray for Mommy for having the patience :o)
Love you

Adam said...

Five Guys became my new favorite hamburger place. I used to be a Red Robin loyalist, but these hamburgers were so full of is easy for it to be better than In n Out (which is a mild step up from McDonald's for me). They even had this super awesome soda machine with tons of different flavors for every drink. I find myself wanting to return just to play with the soda machine.