Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Week in the Life 11,12 {3/26-4/8}

It's been a busy but great couple weeks!

Highlights include:
Seeing Rosalie on our way to our California vacation, having lunch with the kids.
Hanging out with our favorite married siblings Addison and Amanda
Getting a four person "bike" surrey thing and riding it on the beach
DISNEYLAND--Yes, I cried walking through the gates as I always do. I cried when Hannah was so excited she was stammering when she saw the castle, the characters, etc. It was so magical.
California Adventure was actually more fun this time than any other time I've been. I was pleasantly surprised.
The BEACH! Hannah literally ran into the freezing ocean with joy and got all wet but kept wanting to go swimming. We read a bunch of books to prepare her for the beach so while we were there we had to wear sunscreen, swim in the freezing ocean, eat freezing ice cream, and build sandcastles because that's what you do on a beach gosh dang it!
So You know my last blog entry? I won a swimsuit. And it is a CUTE one! (I picked it out)

Hannah was afraid of EVERY ride at Disneyland/C.A. EXCEPT: Nemo, The Carousel, The Chew Chew Train (Bugs Life) and Small World. She LOVED Small World and so did Paige. We didn't do Pirates :/ because we knew Hannah would be too scared although she did agree to Haunted Mansion and buried her head in me the whole time and kept saying "I want to get me out of here! I don't love this!"

We got back and had an awesome Saturday which included an Easter Egg hunt, BUYING OUR HAWAII TICKETS!!!, and seeing The Color Purple at the Smith Center (it was fabulous). I also went to the wedding reception of one of my young women who felt more of a friend to me, Jenni Winn Hansen. It was a great day!

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