Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Life with Two

Wow, the transition to two has been crazy. It seems that since September 2nd hit I have been full speed ahead...and yet, I do nothing. This is how I'm getting by...

First of all, my mom came to stay and help out the first week. That first week when everything seems to be 100X harder than it could possibly be because you are recovering and you've just experienced a HUGE life changing event it was MAJOR that my mom was there. Not only did she make every meal, but she also cleaned my house, went to Dr. appointments, took care of some of Adam's paperwork, and most importantly she was Hannah's full time Mary Poppins. Mom took Hannah out on adventures each day so that she would be able to get out of the house and play and have special one on one Grandma time and I would be able to spend some time bonding with Paige. She even took care of several of Hannah's needs like buying her new shoes. If anything needed to be done: Laundry, cooking, taking Hannah to church/chuck e cheese/library storytime/ the name it/making mom was there 100 percent. She also talked me through my emotional roller coaster through several teary conversations. I don't know what I would have done without her. When she left, Hannah bawled her eyes out and kept saying "I wanna go wif gwama! I wanna go in gwama's car." (Secretly people...I did too).

Then there were my friends. As soon as my mom left, they were there. Seriously, on the first day that I was alone with the girls I talked to four or five friends who were calling me to help get me out of the house, or just see how I was. It was awesome. I have to give a special shout out to Katie who, seemed to be especially watching out for me and is always doing her best to get us out of the house or just talking me down from the crazies. I have such a great group of friends and I am seriously so blessed to have them.

Of course there is Adam. I'm not going to lie, the first two weeks were very hard on me emotionally and I always...without fail, take my emotional breakdowns out on him. Nobody loves me more, nobody loves me better than him and so I think it's easy to kind of beat him up because I know how much he loves me. It's pretty messed up, I'll admit it. Adam has been SUPER busy with the start of the school year and his last semester of school but he's always taken time for the two of us. He also takes time for each of the girls. right now he and Paige are sleeping on the couch and it is probably the sweetest thing I've seen all day (BTW, strangest thing I've seen today was Hannah taking off her shirt to "feed baby Paige" and then lean in for the feed...).

Finally, I realize that both times I've had my babies I've felt like there are angels present in my home ushering them into the world. It's a sacred experience (minus all the yelling and emotions) and I've felt very close to the spirit. I'm pretty confidant that my girls are being watched out for during this life transition, I don't think they would have been sent to me without someone watching out for our little family.

I've talked a lot about my emotional crazies...I really am fine now. The first week and a half was pretty rough but I'm doing so much better now that all our visitors are gone and Adam is back to work. I really feel like I'm getting a hang of everything.

And then I have this...

Thanks to my good friend Cheslea Mann :) Talented photographer!


Georgia said...

This is a sweet post and I LOVE the photos, especially Hannah using Paige as an arm rest! So cute!!!

Bea said...

I think the pain of childbirth for the Father is the emotional roller-coaster :o)

Matt and Cori said...

Haha I love that first picture. I love both of the girls faces. Such cute girls you have!