Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Paige: one month

Sunday marked Paige's one month birthday. I can't believe how incredibly fast this month has gone! Seriously, I feel like it was about three days. If Paige could talk, I think she would say something like this:

"Hi, my name is Paige Lily. Beautiful name right? Well my mommy insists on calling me Baby P. Or Paigey-Pooh. Sometimes just Paigey. It's alright. I'm sure she'll grow out of it. I've only been around for about a month. Sometimes I wish I was tucked back inside mommy's tummy where it was warm and cozy. Not to mention I was always snuggled. I am a snuggler.

Most of the time I'm content to lay on the couch, or in my bouncy chair, or swing, or bassinet...as long as I can hear or see someone in the room. As soon as I think I'm alone, I let people know that I am M-A-D. I will scream and scream until I get my way. If mommy is helping Hannah and takes an extra few minutes to attend to Princess P I will get so mad that it will take me a while to calm down. Once I am calm, I will fall to sleep in exhaustion because of my extra efforts to get attention. Then Mommy will try and put me down, but I've been made alert. I will scream and scream the moment I'm put down. In fact, at this very moment, I am being held by my mommy as she types this.

Hannah is great. I remember her talking to me while I was still in Mommy's tummy. I remember her climbing on Mommy too. Hannah used to sing me "I am a child of God" and now she still does when it is time to go to bed. Hannah also used to kiss Mommy's tummy. Now she kisses me all over. Hannah and I have gone on some great adventures already. A few days ago Hannah tried to carry me to Daddy. Before that, she picked me up out of my bouncy seat to bring to Mommy but we both fell down and bonked our heads. I cried. Sometimes Hannah is too rough with me on accident and I cry. The other day she bonked me on the head with Mommy's cell phone. Other than that we are good buddies. We snuggle together and sleep. That is my favorite. Hannah must know I like to snuggle. Sometimes when Mommy isn't fast enough, Hannah will come running and hold my hand and ask "You cwying again Baby Paige?" I love my big sister.

I love my mommy too. Perhaps I love her most of all. She gives me yummy milk, baby massages, and is happy to indulge my high maintenance ways. She knows I won't be little forever and so she doesn't mind taking a break to sit and snuggle and sing to me. Hannah doesn't get jealous and sometimes the three of us will just snuggle together. At nighttime after she feeds me, I hate to be put down so mommy will set up a safe spot in the bed and we will fall back to sleep together. I secretly laugh because poor daddy is frequently on the verge of falling out of bed because of me and mommy.

Daddy is great too. He works really hard for us so that mommy can stay home. I like that. I like cuddling with Daddy. He is probably the best one to cuddle with because he is so willing to let me fall asleep on his chest and we sleep together after he gets back from school. I don't spit up much, only three times in fact, but I save my spit up mostly for daddy's chest because I love him so much.

Other than cuddles, I love my binkies, my baths, my eating time, my sleeping time, my walk with mommy and Hannah, going shopping with Mommy (because I get to sit in the front pack and be cuddled, and most of all I love being around my family."


Bea said...

Sounds like she has it "made in the shade". :o)
She certainly has you all pegged. :o)
"Time flies on wings of lightning"

Lesley said...

She is so sweet. I can't wait to meet her.

Stacey said...

Love this post! What sweet little girls you have!

Lilian said...

what a cutie!