Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happy SURPRISE! Birthday!

Last night I threw a TOTALLY AWESOME surprise party for Adam. I've been planning it for months. To celebrate his monumental 30, I invited our friends to an 80s surprise party.

Adam thought we were going to drop off our girls at a friends house to babysit so we could go to Blue Man Group on a date. I had to pick a show I knew he wouldn't be disappointed to miss out on once he found out we were STAYING at our friends house hee hee! We walked in and Adam saw a bunch of kids hiding and thought "Wow, Kristen has a full house tonight, I hope Paige is going to be ok!" Then all the kids and adults jumped out and shouted SURPRISE!

We had a lot of good sports dress up in 80s clothes. Obviously I had to change once we got to the party, I couldn't go around looking like I was from the 80s. I also bought Adam a vintage Xmen shirt (which represented him in the 80s). We had pizza and soda and lots and lots of vintage 80s candy. It was aaawesome.

I'm so glad I could pull off that surprise (he was completely surprised) and that we could celebrate Adam's big 3-0.


Adam said...

Thanks for the surprise party. I had no idea and it took awhile for me to realize that we weren't going to the show. Haha!

Margie said...

Very Cute!!

Lilian said...

Looks like a fun party. I would like to know what "vintage" 80's candy you had???

Sheena said...

I'm still bummed we weren't in town! Looks awesome!!!