Monday, September 26, 2011

There were never such devoted sisters...

I worried that Hannah would feel replaced by Paige, that she would resent her, that she wouldn't like her or want her around...boy was I wrong.

Every day since Paige was born Hannah wants to know where she is at all times. If she can't see her immediately she starts asking about her and looks until she has located the baby. Then she wants to hold her. She has tried to pick her up a couple of times but knows that she gets in trouble and that it is serious when she does. In fact, once she even got her out of her baby seat and toppled backwards, the two girls knocking heads. Baby P cried. Hannah was sad that she hurt Paige.

Today I was getting the mail outside, then proceeded to open it. While I was opening the mail, Paige was crying. All of a sudden she was calm. I heard Hannah ask "You cwying again Paige?" When I went over to them, Hannah was holding her hand and bouncing the baby seat. Paige was just watching her calmly.

Hannah is usually pretty reverent around Paige. I feel like Hannah will have a huge responsibility, being the oldest child. I know that responsibility, but I don't worry about Hannah. I know she is going to do a fantastic job!


Sheena said...

I was going to tell you that Hannah was rocking her baby (doll) in nursery yesterday and it was super sweet! She swaddled the baby and was talking to it etc. I think she is going to be a great big sis and oldest child for sure :)

Georgia said...

Oldest children are special (you and I already know that.), but Hannah is extra special. What a sweet big sister. I'm so happy to hear the adjustment is going so smoothly.