Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A random post about Hannah

I am convinced Hannah is the sweetest thing on two legs.

As I type this, her little body is curled up next to me on the couch, peacefully sleeping. The only thing I can see is a few wisps of blond hair peaking from under a blanket and her little hand curled in a fist which occasionally opens and closes with her dreams.

I've been so blessed to have two years of Mommy and Hannah time. I look forward to an eternity more. Today, in one of my attempts to get her to take a nap we laid down in my bed and faced each other. I pretended to be asleep (snoring and all) so that she would fall asleep. She pretended also. After a few minutes of us "snoring" Hannah opened her eyes and said "haha Mommy and Hannah are silly together." She loves being together. Earlier today we were sharing a peach and she said "I wuv sharing with Hannah and Mommy."

This morning I went to get her out of bed and as soon as I opened the door I was greeted with a huge smile and a sweet little voice that said "I slept well Mommy." We went downstairs and shared my breakfast while Daddy installed the new car seat in the car. Hannah was so excited to see a new seat sitting next to her. She knew it was for "Baby Paige" and immediately lifted my shirt just to make sure Paige hadn't sneaked out while she wasn't looking.

She is incredibly brilliant. I know most parents think that about their children, but Hannah truly is above average. I wrote Hannah a letter and taped it next to our baby count down so that when there are no more rings left she can have a letter from Mommy in the hospital. When Hannah saw it she said "that's two H's, H is for Hannah." She can identify every letter and sound in the alphabet, she can count up to 30, and she's been doing this for months. She has memorized dozens of books and songs and can keep herself entertained reading to herself.

There is a scene from Toy Story 2 where Woody has a dream that Andy doesn't want him anymore...do you know what I'm talking about? Well Hannah decided to recreate that scene and she scattered some playing cards on the floor, got her Woody doll and said "I forgot. Broken. I don't want to play with you anymore." Then she lifts up her arm in slow motion and drops Woody onto the pile of cards. Just.like.the.movie. Then she proceeds to laugh heartily at herself. It's not the only Toy Story scene she has created. She likes to throw her "Buzzyear" from the top of the stairs and say "To infinity and beyond," and she likes to make Woody slide down the banister like Andy does.

She loves her Daddy. The first day of school was hard for her. She kept asking where Daddy was. We went to a park by his school and she kept going over into the field and waving at his classroom and blowing kisses. She even made sure we drove past and honked and I could hear her blowing kisses. When it came time to pick him up we started driving. I said "Ok Hannah, we can go to the park, or get Daddy from work." "GET DADDY!" I asked "What if I said we can go to Chuck E. Cheese or we can go get Daddy." "GET DADDY!" I gave her several ultimatums like eating candy, going to pump it up, going to McDonalds, but with each choice I gave her she insisted "GET DADDY!" She loves visiting his classroom and playing games with him.

This weekend my parents and siblings were driving through and spent the night with us. They happened to buy Hannah a Jessie doll (from Toy Story) Hannah has loved her doll. If you didn't know, all the Toy Story toys have ANDY written on the bottom of one foot just like in the movie. Hannah kept looking at her foot saying "That's ANNY" Then she'd identify all the letters. After they left Hannah would look at the feet and say "That's ANNY" and then lift the other foot and say "That's for Gwama." We found out later that she'd asked my mom what it said (something like Made in China) and my mom said "From Grandma." Yesterday in Family Night I showed Hannah a picture of Thomas S. Monson. I asked who it was and she said "That's Pwesdent Mot Son." I was blown away since I've only told her a few times and over extended periods of time who the prophet was. Turns out, my mom had been talking to her about him the day before when they were at church and she'd remembered.

That's not the only example of her good memory. Last February Adam's mom was in town and playing with Hannah in the back yard. They were kicking a ball and Kris accidentally broke one of our lights in our yard. It is still broken in our back yard because we haven't been able to find a steak the right size to fix it. Several months later when it became a little warmer and we were spending every day outside Hannah started telling us "Nana bwoke a light." It is over a half a year later and she still tells us "Nana bwoke a light." Once she did something naughty (pulled all the books off our shelves and I asked if she did it. She said that Daddy did, but daddy was at work. Then she said baby Paige did it, but obviously it wasn't Paige. Then she said "Nana bwoke a light." So it has become a running joke in our family. Blame Nana!

She knows our different interests. Sometimes when she won't go to bed at night she'll try and trick me by saying "I go to bed not. I want to watch a Mommy show." If she ever wants to watch TV and I tell her it's not time she always says "But I want to watch a Mommy show." If I am watching a Mommy show she'll say "I want to watch a Hannah show." Today she was reading the Ensign and I asked what she was doing. "I'm reading a Mommy book," she said "Here Mommy, you read it."

She has colored my world. I love her so much and can't get enough of her. I'm so blessed and excited to welcome another child into our family. One with her own personality and zest for life. I'm excited to witness the dynamic of these two sisters. I can't wait to see what Heavenly Father has in store.

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Sheena said...

Hannah is definitely a cutie and a smartie! It will be so fun to meet Paige and see the two girls together.