Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nightime entertainment.

Adam has to be the most entertaining person to sleep with, two nights ago he shot up in bed and started violently swatting at himself and the bed. When he finally calmed down I asked him what was wrong. "Bugs." Who knew I was married to Indiana Jones.

The next morning I asked him if he had any bug bites. He looked at me with a guilty face and asked "why." When I told him what happened he said he was having a dream he was being attacked by bugs. Adam is always dreaming about fighting ninjas and dinosaurs. He always tells me he wishes he could dream about being asleep because he is never rested when he wakes up. He talks a TON in his sleep. Sometimes he laughs creepily. I can usually talk to him while he's asleep and get pretty good responses. The other day he was trying to coax Hannah across some lava Super Mario Brothers style. I could tell he was pretty nervous for her. We talked about it until suddenly he realized I was mocking him and he was asleep and then he said "shut up, it makes sense."

I love my husband.

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Georgia said...

As a fellow 'realistic dreamer' all I can say is that IT DOES MAKE SENSE when you are asleep. (No sense at all when you are awake). I can totally sympathize with Adam and not feeling rested in the morning. You and Rob could get together and have a good laugh over your bed-partners' strange night-time rants.