Tuesday, August 9, 2011

5th Anniversary Fun

We really went all out for our big number five! We had such a great time I had to share.

First of all, like I mentioned before Adam bought me a pearl necklace. I ADORE pearls. I told him I wanted a pearl necklace long long ago and he really came through, saving up all his pennies and even selling his netbook to buy me the beautiful necklace. I told Adam it was something so classic I'll be wearing it to our 50th anniversary and most days in between!

I gave Adam some money that I have saved to get a couple suits. He's been asking for suits for a gift for about a year but I was always too chicken to buy them. Why? This man has about a hundred ties, 26 dress shirts, and two nice suits already. He is a clothes horse and seriously picky about what he wears. I was worried that he'd think I was coping out by not buying him something and just giving him cash but he actually thanked me for NOT picking out suits myself. He's had his eyes open and he's shopping around for the best deal right now.

Adam planned the whole thing which was great. I figured we wouldn't do much this year as I am a whale with no energy but Adam wanted to make it special. We dropped Hannah off at my friend Jen's house and we were off to a fancy dinner at Valentino at the Venician. After a delicious dinner Adam had one more surprise up his sleeve. Tickets to Phantom of the Opera! It was PHENOMENAL! Probably the best I've seen. I was so impressed with The Phantom and Raul. I cried of course! It was so much fun I was so grateful for the night away from Hannah, just me and my man. He loves me.

Hannah had fun too...Jen had some fish in a fish tank and she spent her evening hugging the fish tank and at one point trying to reach inside to "hold the fishies," because "fishies so cute."

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Matt and Cori said...

Congrats on 5 years and glad you had a good anniversary celebration. And Melissa, you look great!!