Monday, August 8, 2011

4 Weeks Left!

I'm 35 weeks pregnant, I have three Sundays to go. Paige will be here for SURE by September 2nd as that is when I will be induced. Seeing how I started dialating at 32 weeks and I have to take it super slow/easy so I don't have contractions I'm guessing I won't make it to my scheduled induction. I feel super large/in charge. Today I was wearing this outfit minus the skirt...I tried on three different pants until I tried Adam's pants which did not fit but then I remembered this skirt and now I have something to wear every day for the next nearly 4 weeks. I can't can't can't wait!

Oh, notice the pearls? That was my 5 year anniversary gift. I told Adam to start saving at our 2 year mark for our 5 year because I wanted a strand of pearls. They are my new favorite thing ever. Especially since I can't wear my wedding ring.


Mariella said...

Yay! I bet you can't wait to meet your new little girl and to have some relief from the physical strain your body must be going through right now!

Why are they inducing? Is everything ok with you two?

Adam said...

They will be inducing for convenience. Melissa is actually due on September 11, but she delivered Hannah 10 days early so it is likely Paige would be early. Melissa really is amazing as she still does an amazing amount around the house, but it sure will be nice for her to finish so she can finally relax and feel comfortable once again.

Bea said...

You are looking good Melissa. BUT !!!!!!!!
you ARE NOT supposed to
"still do an amazing lot around the house" :o(
But you look well :o)

Georgia said...

You look AMAZING!! Your sweet face a top that glorious belly is just a joy to behold!

Love you tons and we're so excited about new baby Paige on the way.