Monday, February 28, 2011


My friend Georgia tagged me in a blog post so how can I resist!

4x4= a little bit about me =)

1: Four Places I Go
1--The Park
2--The Library
3-- The Temple
4-- Tanaka Elementary

2: Four Favorite Smells
1--A Baby's Breath
3-- "First day of school" (you know what I'm talking notebooks, cleaned carpet, sharpened pencils, hope...)
4-- "Christmas time"

3: Four Favorite TV Shows/Movies
1--Gone with the Wind
2--The Sound of Music
3--Sense and Sensibility
4--Jane Eyre

4: Four Recommendations
1-- Take a nap a day
2-- Listen to the Prophet, Parents, and Dave Ramsey
3-- Read
4--If you have to chose between a clean, functioning household and taking your child to the park, go to the park. As long as it gets done sometime don't stress about your house, stress about the time you'll miss.

I almost forgot to tag four people =)

My Aunts Lesley and Lilian, My mom, and Rosalie.


Lesley said...

It seems like forever since I've played tag on blogger... it's fun!

Georgia said...

This was fun! Thanks for playing along because I loved reading your 4 X 4 and learning a little more about my wonderful friend, Melissa!

PS I so totally agree with your Movies and Recommendations--awesome answers!