Sunday, February 13, 2011

She Said What? 2/13/11

I have to start recording the things Hannah comes up with because she cracks me up.

Yesterday I was wondering out loud "What should I feed you Hannah?" She had some suggestions for me.

Hannah: Pizza
Mommy: No pizza
Hannah: Cookie?
Mommy: No cookies silly, this is dinner.
Hannah: Elmo? (she went to a birthday party and they served Elmo Cupcakes)
Mommy: No cupcakes, we need to eat something healthy.
Daddy: Cake!
Hannah: Uh huh! Cake!
Mommy: No need to contribute Daddy.

Today she has been sick and I asked "how do you feel?" She replied "yucky." Broke my heart.

Today I was making sugar cookies and Hannah said "some?" I let her watch on the counter and she was very interested. I took a taste from a spoon to give to her and she liked it apparently because when I turned my back to throw something in the sink she stuck the spoon back in the bowl and came up with a big spoonful and started sucking it down. Adam asked "Is that yummy or yucky?" Hannah said "Yucky." I'll bet.

She is so much fun. I love her so much. She loves playing in the backyard and helping Mommy or Daddy around the house. I can't wait to see what else she comes up with.


Bea said...

By all means keep a journal of her cute sayings. They will get better as she gets older.

Georgia said...

I was telling Dani about how much I enjoy your blog and your fun posts. She says she hasn't been invited to it so she can't see it. You'll have to allow her access so she can enjoy your fun stories and wonderful photos too.