Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Phone is Ringing!

I was talking to Hannah's nursery leader on Tuesday night and she said "Oh Hannah is so funny, last Sunday she had a pink phone squished between her shoulder and ear and she was pushing a fake vacuum and was talking to someone."

She gave me away.

I am a phone talker. I love talking on the phone and I can talk to various people for up to two hours a day (usually while Hannah is napping but obviously she catches me sometimes. Example set.)

Hannah has become a phone talker/texter. If you've ever recieved a call or a text from her which usually looks something like this: sldfjlsuikdlsdfjasodf but occasionally she presses the quick text button and comes up with a phrase. My favorite was when Adam and I were hanging out and he got a text from "me" that said "I'm in a meeting."

She loves to call Gama, Gampa, Sohn, and Mehee. She also calls Rosalie and Caitlin, and Cait's husband Richard on occasion. In the picture above she was talking to Adam since he isn't coming home until late tonight. (She'd also just woken up from a nap so please excuse the hair :)

My funny girl!


Georgia said...

Your adorable girl!

How hilarious is this? You are a good example and I'm glad your little girl is following in your footsteps and learning to multi-task and keep in touch with those she cares about.

Lesley said...

What a cutie Hannah is! I saw your dad today and he showed me the "who loves..." txt message. What a smart girl!

PS I really like her high chair.