Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Beach Trip 2010

After Adam got out of school for the summer we packed up and headed on a mini road trip through California! We started off with a day long visit to Visalia to see Nana Turney and some other family. Then we went to Pismo Beach. While we were in Pismo we visited Morro bay and ate at the World Famous Splash Cafe and had their award winning clam chowder. It was very yummmm! We finished our trip in San Diego. Some of the highlights were the Olympic Training Center, Balboa Park, Sea Port Village, and our personal favorite--the Wild Animal Park!

It was such a blast! We are lucky to live so so close to a beach...and even more lucky that Hannah is such a fantastic traveler!

First things first! Swimming in Nana's pool!

Because some days you just got to face your Nana's dog completely naked

Mommy, what is this feeling on my skin? There is no sunshine! It is only 72 Degrees?!

Mommy and Hannah at Morro Bay

Hannah and Daddy. Hannah is not happy that Daddy is making her stay in the stroller.

Hannah did NOT like the sea lions. She was afraid of their bark.

Trying to stay warm in frigged 72 degrees! it is about 40 degrees warmer at home in Las Vegas!

Hannah watching some Squirrels. They like Goldfish crackers just as much as she does!
Don't worry, she's had all her shots =)

Eating at the world famous Splash Cafe...Adam says now I can really be a part of his family!

Daddy and Hannah

Mommy I found the ocean and ate some sand! Tomorrow you'll see it in my diaper!

So in love!
Big Mama with some Big Mama's (what the Ensigns call Seaweed)

Adam and I fulfilling a dream to one day compete at the Olympic training center in San Diego...who do you think is better looking?

We went to the Olympic Training center and had a race to see who is the most high maintenance.

At Sea Port Village, so cute baby girl! So cute!
Heading to Ben and Carissa's Wedding Reception

Our old Lab partner Ben got married in the San Diego Temple. Ben was there for all of our "Firsts" including the first time Adam and I met so we thought we'd support him on his first day as a married man!
All three of us once upon a time, five minutes after I met my future husband and my Ben :)
Leaving Ben's reception...isn't it a gorgeous location for a wedding reception!
Hannah and Mommy watching something (probably a bird) at the Wild Animal Park in San Diego
Hannah cooling off at the Wild Animal Park
Hannah petting a dead deer. Not really, it is missing an eye because of an infection it had much earlier. Don't worry, it was in the petting zoo and we washed our hands!
Hannah tried to ride these deer away
Isn't it great when they can just feed themselves? And she looks so cute doing it!

Yes, we are mean parents. Hannah slept in our ginormous closet at the hotel. We got a huge room and Hannah wakes up at the first sign on light/noise made by parents so we shut her in the closet so she could have her own room. She liked it though.


Jessica Duff said...

Looks like you guys had a super fun trip! Cute pictures!

Bea said...

Love the pictures :o) she just keeps getting cuter :o) Don't you want to cuddle her sooooooo tight :o)