Friday, July 30, 2010

Movie Review: Remember Me

Warning: Contains Spoilers

Adam found some free redbox codes on his deals website and thought he would surprise me by getting a 'chick flick' for me to enjoy while he was at work on a Friday evening. He picked up Remember Me starring Robert Pattinson (of Twilight fame) and Emile De Ravin (Claire from Lost). A love story.

"In the film, Pattinson plays Tyler, a troubled NYU student who lives in a grungy Manhattan apartment despite coming from an affluent home. He is coping with the loss of his older brother, who committed suicide, and when he meets a fellow student named Ally (de Ravin), who saw her mother gunned down by a mugger when she was 11, he finds an equally damaged soulmate. The two both have family issues to contend with -- her overprotective cop father, his emotionally estranged lawyer father) -- as well as the fact Tyler dated Ally initially on a mean-spirited dare from an obnoxious friend (which blows up in his face when he actually falls for her).

By the climax of the film, a lot of family bonding has ensued, and the two lovers have started to heal the rift between them. Then, when Tyler is waiting for his father in his law office (on their own way to making amends), we see him looking out of the window, hopefully. The camera cranes back, and we see that Tyler's standing in one of The World Trade Center's Twin Towers. It's then spelled out -- literally, on a chalkboard in his little sister's classroom -- that the date is Sept. 11, 2001, and it's obvious what's going to happen next. When the devastation comes, it is implied rather than graphically depicted."-Bryan Reesman

Although the twist ending is done very tastefully I found myself once again with the depressed, fearful, agonizing pit in my stomach that I felt on that day, one month before my 16th birthday. Long after the credits were rolling I found myself sobbing. Not because Rob Patt dies and the movie is sad because Rob and Emilie can't be together, but because the feelings from that day are regurgitating over and over.

I sometimes don't think September 11th effected me as much as it did until something reminds me and it makes me almost ill. I regret watching this movie.

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