Thursday, July 8, 2010


I'm taking a moment to be prideful. My child is a genius.

Yep. I'm becoming one of those parents.

Today Adam got Hannah out of bed, I bathed her, and he took her in to dress her. Her clothes are arranged by type in her drawers which can sometime overwhelm Adam, since they are not arranged by outfit (socks/shoes/bows in the top drawer, Tops in the next, jumpers next, etc.) He dressed her in a cute top with some mismatched strange bottoms. We both had a good laugh and I vowed to change her outfit when I had a minute, possibly at her first diaper change. We fed her, Adam left for work, and I began to do my "chores." When I started on the bathrooms I put Hannah in her room so she wouldn't get sick with all the chemicals swirling around. I went to check on her a few minutes later and she had pulled out all her bottoms from the "bottom drawer" and had identified the skirt that matches the shirt she was wearing. She walked over to me with it and I laughed at the irony that she would pull that particular skirt out.

She then followed me back into the bathroom...and down the stairs...and up the stairs, all the while holding the skirt up making little anxious noises as if begging me to dress her properly. So I finally did and she went back to her books to play in peace.

This is not the first time Hannah has shown us that she understands more than we give her credit for.

~ We hand her books, dvds, pictures, upside down and she turns them right side up.
~ She claps when she sees the word "CLAP"
~ She cleans up after herself after dumping toys, etc. out
~ Once batteries fell out of a remote, she placed them back in and tried to cover the back of the remote back up.

Another funny thing that she did, My dad has a "slight of hand" type Magic trick which he has used to dazzle many children over the years. He picks an object then makes it "vanish" and pulls it out of the air or blows it off into an oblivion. He tried to do this with Hannah and she immediately pointed to the hand which contained the object. He tried this several more times, each time Hannah insisted she knew where it was (and was correct) never being fooled. This time, it was Grandpa's turn to be dazzled. He said never in all the years and years of doing that with nieces, nephews, primary kids, and his own kids, NEVER EVER has a child figured out where the object was.

She is a great communicator and is always able to convey what she wants without crying or getting fussy.

She has always been exceptionally strong, even though she was in the 103 percentile for weight she rolled at 3 months, crawled at five months, stood up at six months, and walked by herself at nine months. that is off my chest and my mind, I can go on to be a humble normal person. I figure that I can brag about my kids every once in a while, after all, I don't take ANY of the credit, she is just a wonderful kid :)


Margie said...

She is exceptional and I love that new picture!! I love this story :). Go Hannah!!

Georgia said...

I'm not even related and I've been bragging about her for months! She is exceptional! Watch out world, she's only been here one year and look what she's done already!