Friday, July 2, 2010

Utah Trip: 2010

Can I just say what a BLAST Hannah and I had on our trip! We did so much that I thought I'd just do a quick recap of the highlights:

*This is the Place Heritage Park: Hannah rode a pony, a train, and saw several animals. I got to see my cousins working at the John and Sarah home.
* Laura and Nate's wedding/reception fiasco (which was pulled off with a miracle)
* Laying in the grass for HOURS talking with my sister after Hannah goes to sleep
* Texting/calling Janelle/Rosalie for 13 hours between the minute her water broke and the moment Hunter was born
* Pleasant View Founders Day: Hannah's first parade, winning an electric toothbrush, Salmon bake with Crouches/Fowlers, Hanging out with Cait and Rich, Fireworks (Hannah was only slighly amused lol)
*Sandalwood Beige
*Driving to the Cabin
*Driving around Island Park with Grandparents
* Doing things VERY uncharacteristic of me: Bridge Jumping, skinny dipping...yeah thats right...I went skinny dipping in Yellowstone.
*Boat Float
*Wave Running
*West Yellowstone/Yellowstone
*Seven Brides at the Playmill
*Staying up and talking with the cousins
* Hannah floating in a tube
* Hannah seeing animals and getting so excited
* The Rodeo
* Little girls loving Hannah/taking care of her
*Spicy chicken sandwich
*Skype with Adam

We had a blast but I'm excited to arrive in Las Vegas early this evening. I'm always happy to come home, especially when I'm with my hubby.


Mas*tailor* made in Heaven said...

The best part was by FAR Hunter's birth! lol Glad you had so much fun on your trip!! Now it's time that we take one together. Just you and me and our little side kicks! (=

BobN said...

That must have been some extraordinary chicken sandwich to have made the same list as skinny dipping